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30 Days to Understanding the Bible

30 Days to Understanding the Bible teaches you the Bible with 12 eras of Bible history.

I love learning the Bible in 12 ears instead of 66 books. I labeled our Bible timeline with the 12 Eras.

Click for a larger image

Bible Timelines

I’m working on a lapbook now where my boys put a book of the Bible card into the appropriate Bible era pocket. I’ll post more when I take photos.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible the innovative teach-yourself guide that’s helped so many readers get more out of the Bible, just got even better! Now Max Anders’ remarkable resource for Bible learning is available in a new, expanded edition, with all the features that made the original so popular – plus much more.

Proven effective by over 200,000 readers, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible helps you learn to position key Bible characters, places, and events in chronological order so that you can “think your way through” the entire Word of God. Through interesting, memory-enhancing exercises, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible acquaints readers with the core teachings of Scripture in just 15 minutes a day!

Bible study leaders and Sunday school teachers will appreciate the new Teaching Plan with activities and directions for a 12-week group study, complete with overhead transparency masters for class or home group use.


  1. Lori

    I am so excited to see what you have done with this, Robin! I am going to go through this with the kids first, then start your new Bible Study you have going. I know you are really busy doing the daily lessons for HOW, but you have a faithful fan who will wait patiently for your 30 Days lapbook! Bless you for all your hard work…the Lord has certainly annointed you with a gift of creativity!


  2. Tammy

    Where did you get the time line? That is really neat.

  3. Lori


    I saw it on Amazon. Just search for it on there. I need to find some wall room for it!

  4. Tammy


    I am not seeing it. If you have time could you see if it is there and give me some more info to locate it. (like who it is by…)

  5. lily

    hi l’m looking for reading programs that work.
    l,m going to start 30 days in Jan. am going to check out the era time line at amazon
    fr lily

  6. Yo aun necesito buscar mas sobre todo esto para poder seleccionar la opcion mas acorde para mi. En estos momentos busco informacion sobre lo que se denomina de la “dieta dominguera”.

  7. Meloney

    Im looking for a Bible timeline like the one you have shown. The link above takes me to Amazon with four pages of results and it’s not clear which one you have. Can you please share the name or any other information to help me locate this timeline? Thank you.

  8. Fiona

    I’m also looking for a bible timeline to use with children. This one looks just perfect. Would be grateful if you could let me know where I might be abke to obtain it. Thanks

  9. Lynn

    I am also very interested in the timeline you have pictured. Any further info as to the name of the timeline, etc. would be greatly appreciated. It looks perfect to use in younger Sunday school classrooms.

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