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Adam to Abraham: Adam and Eve lesson objectives, links, videos, and resources. Include description of super new resource by Baxter Kruger: Jesus and the Undoing of Adam.

04. Adam and Eve

HOW Day by Day Lesson Plans: Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Lesson Links

  1. What Was Adam Like? – Article from Answers Online, Answers in Genesis Ministries.
  2. The Creation of Adam and Eve: Genesis 2:4-25 (17p PDF from Ariel Ministries)
  3. Adam – Brief biography of Adam from BibleTutor.com.
  4. The Seed of the Woman – Bible study explaining the promise of salvation.
  5. The Last Adam – Bible study devotional from Christ in Old Testament
  6. The Creation of Man – An excellent study, part of “Old Testament Bible Study of the Creation to Abraham Genesis 1 to Genesis 12.
  7. Regenerating Ribs –  Interesting article, from Answers in Genesis Ministries, explaining that thoracic (chest) surgeons routinely remove ribs, which often grow back in whole or in part.

Super Book on This Topic

    Jesus and the Undoing of AdamWhat happened on the cross? Why did Jesus die? How do we understand the meaning of his death? Dr. Baxter Kruger voices the questions we have often asked ourselves, and challenges our legal mindset about God and Jesus and the whole sin thing. Jesus is not a footnote to Adam and the Fall; the Fall, and indeed creation itself, is a footnote to the purpose of God in Jesus Christ.

    And so Dr. Kruger opens our eyes and ears to the eternal truth that we were always and forever meant to be caught up in the wonderful mystery of the love and loving of the Triune God.

  1. Adam and Eve Lesson Objectives
  2. Appreciate how wondrous it is that of all creatures, God created human beings “in His own image.”
  3. Understand Adam was assigned caretaker over all the earth (Gen 1:28).
  4. Know the Hebrew words for Adam and Eve, and understand the significance of their meanings.
  5. Be able to explain how God created Eve, and why the way in which she was created is important.
  6. Know why Jesus is referred to as the “Last Adam.”*
  7. Understand Adam’s rule was a picture of Jesus’rule over all creation when He returns as King(Rev 5:10).  *


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