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Adam to Abraham: An Internet-Linked Unit Study

Adam to Abraham: An Internet-Linked Unit Study

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.43.29 AMAdam to Abraham Unit Study is a 
 Multilevel, Bible Focused, Heart of Wisdom Unit Study utilizing the Charlotte Mason Approach, and the Internet!

Lead your student on a fascinating journey from Creation, through Eden and the Fall, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Nations and Religions, Abram, and Genesis’ revelation of the Messiah

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The first eleven chapters describe Creation, the Fall, the Flood, and the origin of nations. Genesis 12-50 is the ancestral story. The focus of this unit study is on Genesis 1-12 revealing Jesus in Genesis!Genesis 1-12 stories include the divine act that brings humanity and history into existence, and enables humanity to exist, multiply, diversify, and disperse upon the earth.

It is the story of how God creates a world that is good, but that becomes corrupted by sin, which enters the world through human disobedience. Adam and Eve ate fruit which was forbidden to them, and Cain murdered his brother Abel.

God later commanded Noah to build an ark in which pairs of all living things were preserved from the great flood which God sent to purge the earth. God set the rainbow as a remembrance of His covenant with Noah. Afterward, people began building a tower that would reach to heaven in order to make a name for themselves, but God confused their speech and scattered them. God again appointed a man, Abraham, with whom to establish His covenant.

What You Get!

This organized yet flexible Bible focused unit study includes:

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Timeline
  • Vocabulary
  • Annotated Resource Lists (books, Internet sites, videos, software, etc)
  • 14 Four-Step Lessons

Four Step Lessons

There are four basic steps in each Heart of Wisdom Unit Study lesson based on the four major learning styles. Studies show this four-step method motivates students to comprehend the material better and retain the information longer.

  • Step 1 Excite: Create an interest
  • Step 2 Examine: Find out the Facts
  • Step 3 Expand: Do something with what was learned
  • Step 4 Excel: Pull everything together and share with someone.
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Internet-Linked Lessons!

Each Heart of Wisdom Ebook contains active links which will take you:

  • Bible Study Tools
  • Video Clips
  • Free Online Books
  • Craft Instructions
  • Biographies
  • Worksheets
  • Experiments
  • Relevant Articles
  • Writing Instruction
  • Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Quizzes
  • and more!
Author: Homeschooler
I L-O-V-E it. I am praising God for this marvelous curriculum! I am thanking Him for your steadfastness and dedication! Thank you to you, too! This is just what I have been looking for, and I am thrilled to have it available to us!! There is no labor that isn’t a thousand times more than planned—I just know that you will be reaping HUGE blessings from your labors with HOW for a l-o-n-g time to come. On the days that it really gets too much— PLEASE remember what a HUGE blessing you are giving many sincere moms who are VERRRRRRRRRRRRRY grateful and thanking God for your work!
Author: Happy customer
This is one of the best out there. My daughter and I both are in love with this study. I like the fact that there are no studies on the false gods of the ancient world and there are so many choices on the different assignments. This is what hooked us in. I can only hope that the other units are ready when we need them. I highly recommend this! Even if you have never done units before, you can pick this one up and do it.
Author: Unknown
I have found that using HOW has developed in my daughter a love of the Bible and has made a great change in her character development…and there are so many things that catch her interest…gives us a sense of focus…
Author: Grateful
I love the Hebraic focus. HOW Ancient History is very complete, easy to use and we love the Hebrew vocabulary lessons. We already had a few of the resources (Writer’s Express, Beechick, Kingfisher). I have circulated this through our homeschooling support group and you have subsequently gotten a lot of exposure and three orders of “What Your Child Needs To Know When
and another HOW unit study order. Thank you for excellent resources!!
Author: Excited and motivated!
I have just begun to use HOW for first year history—and I LIKE it A LOT! I searched for a year, to a year and a half, for a Hebraic homeschooling method. The Lord definitely led us to you and we are thankful and excited! I struggled on my own before, but now I have in my hands what I need and a suggested course of direction that we alter as the Lord leads. This year has definitely started off much better than in the past and we look forward to the remainder of the year! We are looking to purchase the Creation unit study shortly. Thank You!!!
Author: Converted
It has been a terrific resource for my own study which, in my opinion, is without question the most undermentioned area of homeschooling across the board for new and seasoned homeschoolers alike.Had I had this year’s I am certain my approach toward “unschooling” would have been much less a factor, though honestly I am thankful I did it that way, then plowed on forward into my own understanding of “education.” I knew this was what God had intended for me after a very short time on your web site. I may not utilize all lessons or resources with my kids, but those we do are memorable to all of us.His timing is certainly not mine,come to think of it…and in all likelihood I would have had very unrealistic expectations on myself and my two children if I had found this earlier…I bought your What Your Child Needs to Know When;updated, years ago and recently brought it down to reread it. I didn’t have benefit of reading the first edition but appreciate your admitting to stepping down from earlier conceptions of what is acceptable,grade level,even Biblical or Greek in reference to those timetables we all have whirling in our heads. One confirmation God often gives me that I am plodding along the path intended for my family (OK perhaps not the path but at least on the map somewhere) is continued revelation to just how faulty my conception of education is was and continues to be and how HE continues to encourage my enlightenment despite my relentless insistence on using the compass rose of others. Thanks again Robin!
Author: Kim Wright, www.alwrightpub.com
In her characteristically thorough style, Robin Sampson has done it again! With her 4 E’s: Excite, Examine, Expand and Excel, she leads the student through each lesson of learning about God, creation, resource usage, vocabulary, writing, graphic organizers, communication, portfolio presentation and more. Not only does she show the resources needed for this study, she has researched an abundance of user-friendly, safe internet websites to help the student learn even more. From Creation, through Eden and the Fall , the Flood, the great Tower of Babel, Nations and Religions, Abram, and Genesis’ revelation of the Messiah, this unit includes hands-on learning, paper “dolls” and loads of ideas to help us learn. Originally written for grades 4-12, revisions include activities for K-3. For those interested in a biblically based unit, this one has it all!
Author: Peter Orato
I’m very greatful for this site. I’m ready to be one of you so that I learn from you and vice versa. I ready to be steadfast in the lord. May God richly bless you.
Author: Becky
We started Adam to Abraham this week and, boy, are we having a great time! The first day I introduced the HOW curriculum to my kids (13ds, 11dd, 7dd, 5ds), we put all of the books in the middle of the table and let them “finger” and leaf through them as I talked. They spent an hour just looking in the books! They even marked the pages they were on so that they could come back. They were excited as I read Robin’s hs story to them and shared with them that that is also our story. I have let the main thing stop being the main thing. I have been convicted, God led me to HOW online and we are beginning anew this year.Today we made a lapbook with the younger kids to help solidify the story that we read today in Scripture. They took them to my in-laws house and shared what they had learned with them. It is exciting to see them soak up the Bible and moving to see my older kids search through Bible tools to answer questions.Thanks to Robin for a wonderful curriculum that focuse on His word and brings all of us together instead of in separate rooms doing workbooks! After 5 years of hsing, I feel “freed” from workbooks and their enslavement.

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