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02. Ancient Civilizations and the Bible



Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Links

  1. The Light of People Cultures – Interactive learning site from Think Quest (Created by Christian school).
  2. Ancient Mesopotamia – “Overview of the Region” shows the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which is approximately modern Iran.
  3. Biblical Archaeologist – Perspectives on the Ancient World from Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean.
  4. The Hebrews – Explains that the Hebrews were originally a group of nomadic tribes that roamed Mesopotamia, Palestine, and northern Egypt.
  5. Mesopotamia – A free clickable Bible map from DailyBible.com. Includes links to applicable Bible history information.
  6. Mesopotamia -  Explanation of geographical and climatological background about the ancient Near East, including an introduction to the people (Sumerian, Akkadians, and neighbors), the divine world, and economy.

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