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18. Art in Ancient Egypt

Art in Ancient Egypt Links

  1. Detroit Institute of the Arts: Ancient Egyptian Art – Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans for Teachers. The site demonstrate the basic principles of Egyptian sculpture in its symbolic formality.
  2. Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology – A beautiful site by the Art Department of the University of Memphis. Browse online exhibits of artifacts; take a tour of ancient Egyptian monuments.
  3. The Galleries of Egyptian Art – This site includes photographs and paintings of ancient Egyptian art, archeology, mythology, and dynastic history.
  4. Egyptian Art and Archaeology - This site will take you to its collection of mummies, religious and  funerary items, jewelry, and objects from everyday life. This resource has been created to provide an understanding of ancient Egyptian art and its central role in Egyptian civilization. It is primarily organized around three themes “Ancient Egyptian Beliefs,” “Looking at Egyptian Art,” and “The Story of the Collection”—that group objects and historical ideas into questions and answers. From the University of Memphis Institute.

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