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How Do You Teach Multi-Ages?

Unit studies are especially beneficial if you are teaching more then one child. If you are teaching three children each seven different subjects using textbooks and workbooks – that’s a WHOPPING twenty one subjects to prepare and teach.

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Delight-Directed Homeschooling

Delight-directed study uses natural curiosity to motivate the student. The student acquires basic concepts of learning (reading, reasoning, writing, researching, etc.) during the process of examining the topic of interest. Less control can lead to more learning.

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Sample of a Delight Directed Homeschool Day

Here is a sample of our homeschool day. Our study took on a life of its own going in several unplanned directions (lessons running a muck is norm for us).

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Teaching Multi-Ages

Delight-directed learning, with a set plan like Heart of Wisdom unit studies, begins by allowing children to be a part of the planning process. During the planning phase, allow the student to participate in choosing the resources for that unit (fiction novel, colorful reference book, video, Internet site, interactive multi-media, etc.). It’s very possible that […]