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Free Bible Worksheets


Students develop excellence in achievement by completing the worksheets ; they develop diligence by continually practicing clarity, accuracy, relevance, prioritizing, consistency, depth, and breadth through writing activities. Read More »

Spelling Curriculum for Under $1


Children learn to spell through writing, making mistakes and correcting them. You can create an individualized spelling program for each of your children under a dollar. You will examine your child's frequently misspelled words to look for common broken rules. Read More »

Free Passover Lapbook


Our gift to you, eleven FREE Printable booklets telling the story from Moses birth to the Exodus Passover Lapbook . Booklet Cover A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays Learn the teaching method God uses to teach His children. The ultimate hands-on Bible lessons! Teach your children the way God instructed the Hebrews to teach their children –with annual events ... Read More »

Free Download: Bible Reading Checklist


In Heart of Wisdom unit study lessons we quote the King James Bible. Occasionally we give side-by-side comparisons of several versions. We recommend a chronological Bible for reading through the Bible in a year and give the page numbers to The Narrated Bible. The text in The Narrated Bible can be used for dictation and copying lessons (for teaching handwriting, ... Read More »

Apple Unit Study

Free Apple Unit Study Christian worldview. field trip planner, virtual field trips, Lessons, links, lideos, worksheets, coloring pages, and more. Read More »

Free Digital Scrapbook Kit

Free over 100 images: Available for Scrapbook Max or png files win zipped for use in designed to work with popular software programs including Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro among others. Read More »

Free Classics List by Grade Level


The Heart of Wisdom approach recommends immersing your children in living books or classical literature. We believe you should read the greatest classic—the Bible—the only real, literal, living book, daily, and attempt to read several classics throughout the year. Free 31 page PDF Choosing and Using Resources. Read More »

Free Printable 15 Minute Chore Checklists

Free Printable Kids Chore Charts How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Telling a child to clean a room is overwhelming. These check lists are broken down into easy doable one to three minute chores. Assign a child a room or a few steps. Hang the kids core chart in the appropriate room. Explain to your ... Read More »

Free Bible Story Lapbook

This is actually a File Folder Game or a mini lapbook posted on my blog (posting here too so it won’t be missed). Everything you need to make this lapbook is available to download below. A coloring page goes on the front of the folder. Inside is a game board and two pockets. One pocket is for game pieces, the ... Read More »

Over 2000 Free Audio & Videos

LearnOutLoud.com offers over 2000 free audio and video titles. This directory features free audio books, lectures, speeches, sermons, interviews, and many other great free audio and video resources. Most audio titles can be downloaded in digital formats such as MP3 and most video titles are available to stream online. Read More »

Free Printable Bible Study Index Cards

The Bible Worksheets have been very popular. We wanted to make these available in index card size also. One page includes all three Bible study cards: Bible Passage, Bible Event, and Bible Character. Print on card stock for index card quality. Store in recipe or index card box. Index card dividers are available in office supply stores. Download Bible Study ... Read More »

Printable Rulers

Download the PFD file to print out a disposable ruler. Better yet, print it on cardstock and laminate it. I made several and use extras s book marks. Disable any "print to size" options when printing. Read More »

Free Homeschool Unit Study Daily Planner

This this Unit Study Daily Planner focuses on the most important part of your day: Bible time. List your daily Bible reading and have students listen for the key charters, key concepts and key location. There is also a place to plan your day in 30 minute increments, a section for copy work, resource page numbers, notes, assignments for math and language assignments and more all one one page. Read More »