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Writing to Learn

Writing to Learn & Writers Inc

Packed with everything you need in a writing handbook. Writing, reading, and additional study skills are combined in the best comprehensive writing manuals ever! The fundamental principals of writing are explained throughout for quick reference. Some of the topics covered are: writing paragraphs, poetry , punctuation, spelling, and more with sections on logic, book review, computer terms, maps, and even ... Read More »

Improve Students Writing and Spelling with Email

Do your children have email accounts? I created Google email accounts (free safe Gmail’s plus-addressing) for my boys so I could email educational game links to their laptop computers. I didn’t realize how motivating email would be. They began writing letters to their father, grand parents, brothers and sisters. Writing and receiving emails makes learning fun. Much more fun than ... Read More »

Nurturing the Write Relationship

I was excited as soon as I saw the words “A Family Writing Lifestyle.” Mary Ann shares valuable insights not only about writing itself, but about passing on the gift of written expression as a family tradition. What a gift to pass on to your children —the ability to capture insights, record memories, and relate perceptions and feelings. The importance ... Read More »

Writing to Learn

One of the best ways for a student to understand a topic is to write about it. Students must comprehend the material, restructure the new information, and then share their new understanding. Writing to learn is much more than an accumulation of report writing; it helps students think and learn carefully and completely. Read More »

Writing Links

Writing instruction links: free writing courses, writing process, writing to learn, writing summaries, writing paragraphs, writing letters, writing guides, writing essays, writing poetry, writing software, writing tips and more. Add your writing recommendations or tips here! Read More »