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Introduction to Ancient Egypt


Introduction to Ancient Egypt Links Pharonic Egypt Ancient Egypt Introduction to Egypt Related Resources Ancient Egypt Suggested Resources Ancient Egypt Unit Study (Ebook) (38 Four-Step Lessons) Ancient Egypt Digital Scrapbook Kit Ancient History: Adam to Messiah (7 units combo) Ebook Ancient History: Adam to Messiah (7 units combo) Binder Please leave a comment. Add a note, suggestion, recommended resource or ... Read More »

The House That Jack Built: A Homeschool Parable


Jack decided he wanted to build a house. Not just any house; he dreamed of a big, beautiful, luxury home. He wanted to build the most beautiful house in town. Jack carefully thought about the basic building materials, the lumber, the plumbing, roofing, the bricks, and even the nails. He made a list of building materials he would need. Read More »

Online Games for Grades K-5


Lets face it, children love to play games on the computer or Tablet. K5 Stars is a place you can be happy about your child’s time with an electronic device. With over 300 games to chose from you can zero in on your children’s weak areas or let them practice and get ahead while they are are having fun (and staying busy) ... Read More »

Spelling Curriculum for Under $1


Children learn to spell through writing, making mistakes and correcting them. You can create an individualized spelling program for each of your children under a dollar. You will examine your child's frequently misspelled words to look for common broken rules. Read More »

Creating A Bible Portfolio


Bible portfolio is used to store the student’s work as you read through the Bible each year. It will include writing assignments, artwork, small collections, letters, photos, brochures, maps, etc. Read More »

Free Mindmapping Booklet


Mindmapping is a nonlinear activity that generates ideas, images and feelings around a stimulus word. As students cluster, their thoughts tumble out, enlarging their word bank for writing and often enabling them to see patterns in their ideas. Read More »

Apple Unit Study

Free Apple Unit Study Christian worldview. field trip planner, virtual field trips, Lessons, links, lideos, worksheets, coloring pages, and more. Read More »

Letter to Boys by George MacDonald

In deep gratitude for the many kindnesses he and his wife and son Greville had received, while in America, MacDonald wrote and pub­lished in 1878 “A Letter to American Boys.” Better than any biograph­ical sketch could do, this letter and its parable-story give the true spirit of the man and his writings; it also says something about his imaginative genius. ... Read More »

Columbus Day Project & Free Clipart

It took about 45 minutes for my boys and I to make this digital scrapbook page. After reading the book we brainstormed a list of facts to record. We began with a scrapbook template (starting with a template says hours!) and the boys chose the kits and decided which papers went where. Scrapbooking to Learn Steps We read a book ... Read More »

Heart of Wisdom Day by Day

You asked for it. Not only is this planner Day by day it is Step by Step! Click on the images for the PDFs. Week at a Glance Month at A Glance These pages were created in direct response to the terrific feedback from customers at the Heart of Wisdom Community Board. See the discussions here. Free Downloads Notice we ... Read More »

Online Educational Video Directory

Become a better teacher through the use of digital technologies. There are many web sites where you can watch streaming videos on your computer. Video streaming brings courses alive to online learners, by allowing you to use your visual and auditory senses to learn interesting and complex material. We use streaming videos in our homeschool every day to enhance lessons. ... Read More »

Writing to Learn & Writers Inc

Packed with everything you need in a writing handbook. Writing, reading, and additional study skills are combined in the best comprehensive writing manuals ever! The fundamental principals of writing are explained throughout for quick reference. Some of the topics covered are: writing paragraphs, poetry , punctuation, spelling, and more with sections on logic, book review, computer terms, maps, and even ... Read More »

Free Printable 15 Minute Chore Checklists

Free Printable Kids Chore Charts How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Telling a child to clean a room is overwhelming. These check lists are broken down into easy doable one to three minute chores. Assign a child a room or a few steps. Hang the kids core chart in the appropriate room. Explain to your ... Read More »