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Chronologically Bible Storying

Seventy five percent of the Bible is story. Jesus taught with stories. Heart of Wisdom recommends you put Bible first in every homeschool day.

It is astounding that homeschooler being homeschooling for religious reasons yet little of the Bible actually gets studied.  The Word of God is only sprinkled into a school day, like a little salt on a meal. Bible study is looked at as an elective instead of the main course! Oh, what a shame!

The Word, unlike anything else you teach your children, is living and powerful (Hebrews 4:12). It is necessary for the truth of God to be cultivated to take root in the heart before it will bear fruit. We need the spiritual knowledge that is available in Christ through reading God’s Word daily to continuously enlighten and direct us. How can you know Him and ignore His Word?

Bible study is not dry or boring. Children of all ages love stories.

” Stories are the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit.” Howard Gardner

“Jesus was not a theologian; He was God who told stories” Madeleine L’Engle

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” Rudyard Kipling

Purpose today to put Bible time before anything else in your school day:

  • Begin with getting an overview of the Bible by reading stories chronologically.
  • Quick start: Watch the Bible story videos below
  • Create Bible timeline (in notebook or on the wall)l to help children understand and remember the order
  • Refer to Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines to help children understand where the stories can be found in the Bible.

God’s Story From Creation To Eternity

These 9 videos give an overview of the Bible

Here are the goals for Bible study embodied in the Heart of Wisdom philosophy of education:

  • Families will read through the entire Bible each year in order to gain a view of the whole picture of God’s Word.
  • Family members will interact as they study together. Children of all ages can learn from each other, as well as benefit from their parents’ accumulated wisdom. As an added bonus, parents are often able to learn new things from their children!
  • Parents and students will learn to use Bible study tools (see below) such as an atlas, a Bible dictionary, lexicons (for word studies), chronological charts, concordance, etc.
  • Each student will document what they have learned, on his or her own level, by creating a portfolio. These portfolios may consist of timelines, summaries, copied and/or memorized Bible passages, essays, paraphrases, colored pages, puzzles, etc. The list goes on. Each year, the student will begin a new portfolio, which will provide both parents and children the opportunity to look back and observe the progress that has been made.
  • Families will study God’s Word in the light of the ancient Hebrew culture: A Hebrew book is studied; a Hebrew Lord is served (He had Hebrew disciples); and through Christ, we are adopted into a Hebrew family.

Super Bible Study Tool

Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines is my favorite Bible study tool. We use it several times a week homeschooling my children and weekly in our Sunday school class.

Here are just some of the amazing, colorful, visual things inside:

  • Books of the Bible charts to help children understand where each story can be found
  • Illustrations of the tabernacle, temple, ark of the covenant, Noah’s ark
  • Descriptions of the feasts and holidays of the Bible and their foreshadowing and symbolism of Jesus Christ.
  • Side-by-side comparison with events in world history
  • Christian history time line
  • Then and Now Bible maps
  • Timeline of how we got theBible (Tyndale, Wycliffe, Geneva, King James and other early Bibles. )
  • Side-by-side comparison of 12 Christian denominations and 18 world religions and cults.
  • Genealogy of Jesus Christ: the family tree of Jesus Christ on one page.
  • Armor of God
  • Fruit of the Spirit and 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter)
  • Overview of each book of the Bible with writer, theme, key verse, to whom written, and date.
  • Statue in the Book of Daniel. The four kingdoms listed in Daniel 2.
  • Cycle of disobedience in the Book of Judges.
  • 100 archaeological finds that support the reliability of the Bible
  • Seven churches of the Revelation.
  • Weights and measures from Bible times
  • Miracles and parables of Jesus
  • Key Rulers of Israel, Judah, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece, and Rome
  • Names of God; Names of Jesus
  • Jewish calendar
  • Prophets and their message
  • Ten Commandment
  • Disciples of Jesus
  • Paul’s Journeys and teachings
  • Comparison of views of the millennium and end times

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible-Based Homeschooling


The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers who want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant 500+ page book provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying God’s Word and the other half studying God’s world (academics). Students study history chronologically and science in the order of the days of Creation. This book will encourage, motivate you and instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible-focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and, most importantly, to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels.

When homeschoolers are asked about this book, one word continues to come up over and over–Wow! Read the excerpt today to see what all the wow is about.

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  1. Thanks for these resources! I have one to add.

    Each week, I post crafts and activities that go along with the next week’s scripture reading. So far, we have made the Garden of Eden from a recycled cup holder, built a tower of Babel from sugar cubes, explored the story of the flood with paper crafts and experiments, decorated seasonal gourds to learn about Abraham, followed the route of Abraham’s journey with a magnetic acorn craft and made story characters from ice cream spoons and cardboard tubes.

    Visit me here:


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