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Columbus Day Project & Free Clipart

It took about 45 minutes for my boys and I to make this digital scrapbook page. After reading the book we brainstormed a list of facts to record. We began with a scrapbook template (starting with a template says hours!) and the boys chose the kits and decided which papers went where.

Scrapbooking to Learn Steps

  1. We read a book about Columbus from our home library.
  2. We watched a few Youtube videos.
  3. We brainstormed a list of facts to record (browsing book for review).
  4. I let the boys browse my scrapbook stash. They picked this Mega Masculine Kit (I would have chosen a blue kit for the ocean, but it’s important they get to choose).
  5. I found the free Columbus embellishments listed below (quick Google search).
  6. I chose the template is by Nettio Designs. (Did I mention templates save hours? I have a huge template stash and use them over and over. Search free scrapbook template at Google to get your stash started.)
  7. We created the scrapbook page (boys chose which papers went where learning Photoshop as we worked.

We used the same approach to make the Johnny Appleseed and apples pages here.

The process from book to videos to scrapbook page took about a total of 90 minutes. But the scrapbook page took about 45 minutes. Next week we will go over the page for review.

Utilizing YouTube

YouTube has a TON of videos on Columbus. Here are just a few. BTW, We have limited bandwidth and can;t watch videos on the computer, so we use iPhone connection (small but it works).

This so much faster than lapbooking (but we still lapbook) and the end product it pretty impressing.

Our New Study Habit

  1. Read a book on the topic.
  2. Watch a few Youtube videos on the topic.
  3. Make a Scrapbook page with a bullet list of facts learned.

Learn more about digital Scrapbooking to Learn here.

Free Columbus Day Embellishments

For lapbooking or scrapbooking.

Free Columbus Day Embellishments, Scrapbook Downloads, Printables, Kit

Free Columbus Day Embellishments, Scrapbook Downloads, Printables, Kit

One comment

  1. Lynda

    I think you will find that contrary to what we were taught in school, Columbus never got any closer to America than Haiti (Hispaionla) and didn’t even know America existed. He was a very sadistic man who subdued the natives and made them stick to a quote of mining gold for him to take back to his Queen. If they did not reach this quota (and it was very high) he crucified 13 of them, ‘One for Our Lord and one each for Our Lord’s Disciples.” Nice man huh? There’s absolutely no reason to celebrate Columbus, as you’ll realise if you read the history books.

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