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  1. Elena Milano

    I used your curriculum in 2003-2004 for my 5th, 6th and 8th graders. Since my oldest, at that time, was moving to high school I chose another curriculum, at that time you did not have the option for high school. That having been said. I am not taking in high school foster girls and have found that many of them are very far behind in traditional school and am investigating the option of homeschooling on an as needed basis.

    I noted that you are offering high school options now but was unable to decipher on your site where I could start for high school.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Elena Milano

  2. Christina Shiner

    Order #17639 I wanted to catch this order hopefully before any bad communication with my replies happens. I replied to the email that was sent to me when my order was completed. At first, I let you know that I didn’t receive the “Adam to Abraham” unit study. Then I got back onto your site and saw that there was an “Adam to Messiah” unit study for $65.00…I would really like to have that one instead. I didn’t realize I could save so much by purchasing the whole set. Please let me know:) Thank you so much! Again, I am very excited to use the tools/materials you have provided through this site:)

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