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04. Cuneiform

Cuneiform Links

  1. About Cuneiform Writing -Article with illustrations from About Cuneiform Writing, University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
  2. Alfabets – Article explaining the history of writing.
  3. Ancient Texts Relating to the Bible – See different alphabets and writings from all over the world and different time periods.
  4. Cuneiform Writing Tablet 2000 B.C. Sumeria – View photos of tablet artifacts.
  5. Early Writing Materials – An explanation of cuneiform, early writing materials, papyrus, vellum manuscripts, early parchment, rare books, rare prints, and much more, from The Foliophiles Collection.
  6. MSN Encarta “Cuneiform” – Encyclopedia provides an article about the form of writing originated by the Sumerians. Also find links to related articles and premium resources.
  7. Writing/Alphabet Quiz – Weekly quiz from About.com.


  1. Cheryl

    I think your links need to be updated. Almost every week I run into a problem linking to your suggested articles.

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