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Become a better teacher through the use of digital technologies. There are many web sites where you can watch streaming videos on your computer. Video streaming brings courses alive to online learners, by allowing you to use your visual and auditory senses to learn interesting and complex material.

We use streaming videos in our homeschool every day to enhance lessons. My boys processĀ  information quicker and have a stronger grasp on the subject matter when I reenforce the lesson with a video. They are motivated and engaged when they have this option.

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Searching Video Directories

educational videosExample: How Stuff Works. I did a quick random search on “Simple Machines” at How Stuff works and got 43 science videos. Try it -clcik the search videos button.

At Discovery Channel, you can search their video directory including Turboo, Planet Green, The Learning Channel to find thousands of super educational videos. I did a quick random search on “Simple Machines” and got 271 videos. Many were not science related. You have to narrow the search by using the Discovery or Learning Channel buttons on the side bar.

Educational TV and Radio Channels

Educational TV and Radio Shows with Web Pages

4Teachers Family of Tools

QuizStar QuizStar
RubiStar RubiStarENG/ESP
Arcademic Skill Builders Arcademic Skill Builders
PersuadeStar PersuadeStar
Classroom Architect Classroom Architect
Equity Equity
TrackStar TrackStar
Assign-A-Day Assign-A-Day
Casa Notes Casa NotesENG/ESP
PBL Checklists PBL ChecklistsENG/ESP
Teacher Tacklebox Teacher Tacklebox
Web Poster Wizard Web Poster Wizard
NoteStar NoteStar
Think Tank Think Tank
KidsVid KidsVid

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  1. i always watch streaming videos online, they are sort of my past time.,-‘

  2. Cindy

    Can anyone tell me how to get History Channel Classroom in my home? Thanks!

  3. video streaming is very needed on sites that do videoblogging and sites like youtube.:`:

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