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1. Geography of Rome

Geography of Rome Links

  1. The Roman Empire at its Greatest Extent – Description: Clicking anywhere on this map will give you a more detailed look at that portion of the Roman Empire; the map is divided into nine roughly equal segments.
  2. Map of the Roman Empire – Description: By clicking within the borders of a certain province on the map, or by clicking on the name of the province below the map, you can link to resources on the Web that are related to that province of the Roman Empire.
  3. Atlas of the Greek and Roman World – Description: The APA Classical Atlas Project home page. Contains ninetyeight maps, plus links to other sites of interest.
  4. Maps of the Roman World in the First Century C.E. – Description: Includes maps of the Roman World during the reign of Augustus Caesar, during the reign of Claudius, and at the end of the reign of Trajan.

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