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Greek vs Hebrew Education

Greek vs Hebrew Education

What we now consider “The Church” is almost nothing like the Early New Testament Church. Think of an archeologist digging through layers to find out what life was like in ancient times.


Historians concur that the Greeks were destroyed by moral decay. Pursuing knowledge without God is a recipe for disaster. We simply cannot survive without clear moral direction. Look at the differences in education goals:

Ancient Greek Education

(as taught in
Public Schools today)

Ancient Hebrew Education


Prepare individuals to serve the state. Prepare individuals to serve God.


1) Memorize the laws of Lycurgus, the Spartan lawgiver.

2) Memorize selections from Homer.

3) Develop physical excellence through games, exercises, and the pentathlon (running, jumping, throwing the discus, casting the javelin, and wrestling)

1) Transmit knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

2) Increase knowledge and skills.

3) Concretize cultural values into accepted behavior

Teach students to trust the state.
Teach children to trust God in everything.
Prepare for the state. Prepare for eternity.
Examine the world by classifying whole things into parts by removing them from the Creator. Redefine knowledge: Final reality is impersonal matter or energy, shaped into its present form by impersonal chance.
Look at God’s world as a whole—interconnecting—revealing God in every area. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmaments sheweth his handywork (Psalm 19:1).
Immerse students in literature written by ancient Greek philosophers. Teach children to love learning so they will become self-motivated, lifelong learners.
Focus on self-esteem, emotional adjustment, and external training of the body. Develop endurance, resourcefulness, and physical prowess. Discover a child’s God-given gifts and talents, and develop them to their fullest potential. Focus on spiritual training.


Self-centered: “My will be done.” Violence, corruption, pornography, racial tension, promiscuity, abortion, infanticide, etc.
God-centered: “Thy will be done.” Authority with responsibility. Literacy, strong family ties, love of learning, security, independent thinking, high morals and values.



Social Studies
Creation Science
“His Story” (true history)
Self-government (internal obedience to God)



Trivium, the three stages:

  1. Grammar
  2. Logic (Dialectic)
  3. Rhetoric

The three main orders of study in ancient Israel consisted of:

  1. Religious education
  2. Occupational skills
  3. Military training

with the basis of all knowledge being the fear of the Lord (Psalm 111:10; Proverbs 1:7).

Curriculum Text

Books by Homer, Aristotle, Virgil, Pliny, Cicero.
God’s Word. Orthodox schools did not study subjects derived from Classical tradition.


Homer, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus, Zeno
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joshua and David (Old Testament)


To each his own.
Look out for Number One.
There are no absolutes.
Love one another.
The last shall be first.
Deny thyself.
Obey God’s Commandments.
That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the Lord (Isaiah 30:9).
Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme; or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well (1 Peter 2:13–14).

To understand the Early Church we must dig through layers of a mountain of man’s influences shoveling off and discarding man’s traditions, theories, interpretations, and philosophies from Greek and Roman civilizations, Aristotle, Constantine, Marcion, etc., to be able to examine the Early Church.

During the Reformation, men such as Wycliffe and Calvin were digging in the right spot. They dug up and discarded many theological errors and found a view of God’s plan of salvation by grace, but anti-Semitic layers remain and now there are new layers of tradition, interpretations, western thought (a return to the Greek and Roman philosophy) and conditioning that need removal. Only then can we have a clear view of the Early Church.

Greek philosophy between Aristotle and Augustine is the foundation of Western thought (Aristotle tried to merge the Bible and Plato = Hellenistic Philosophy). This is the reason for so much Greek philosophy in the church. Explore the differences between Eastern and Western thinking and how it affects each culture with this Interactive data file at FollowtheRabbi.com – Jesus, our Rabbi and Savior.

For more on Greek vs Hebrew Education see


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  1. Very interesting. I was researching unleavened bread recipes for the Feast of Unleavened Bread and found your site. A very nice expose’ on Greek versus Hebrew thinking. The one thing that I would add is that the Saviour was given a Hebrew name at birth, not a Greek one. Jesus is not a proper transliteration of the Hebrew name. Since Acts 4:12 says “There is no other name under heaven given among men whereby man may be saved,” it behooves us to ascertain exactly what that name is. There are some different ways presented to pronounce the Hebrew letters of the Savious’s name that mean Yah savese but Yahshua or Yahusha or Yahushua would be more correct that Jesus. The enemy definitely tries to deceive the whole world even presenting his demons as messengers or ministers of light. Just as we had to dig out to find the original assemblies or church, we also need to do so on the sacred names. They were hidden many years ago by the rabbis and translators as being to sacred to be spoken; however, it is evident from reading the scriptures that the Almighty doesn’t want his name hidden.

  2. One might add that there is evidence in the Bible of the failure of the Hebrews to follow the religious, familial, inter-generational educational model you outline.

  3. Boy oh boy! The left column reads like a classical christian school/curriculum summary.

    to boot, the classical mindset, IMO, is the quickest route for “christian education” to go Christ-less!
    Christ is all but eclipsed in Classical education.
    NOW OF COURSE proponents say, we want to “take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ” But you can’t take The Odyssey and The Red Badge of Courage captive to the obedience of Christ if the authors didn’t!
    We don’t learn contrary to the paradigms of some in order to “influence” We proclaim Jesus to Drs, lawyers, philosophers, laymen, garbage men, plumbers, and atheists, all while being regular old people, (fisherman even like the apostles).
    People aren’t “influenced” into Christ, they are birthed by The Holy Spirit into Christ, via the Gospel. Our Gospel, The Gospel we, whoever we are, share.
    We don’t need to be like a pretentious academic or professional in order to bring the good news unto salvation. I say this because behind a lot of Classical Education is this inaccurate thought and theology that in order to reach leaders “In our culture” we need to understand how they think or have the same high position or else they won’t listen. In other words, “we could never reach an impacting leader (mover and shaker) if we are just regular joes/Joannas. Sorry, but that thinking is not pleasing to our Lord. It takes faith away from him and puts it into achieving an intellectual height.

    Solo Christo/ Sola Scriptura,

  4. Robin,
    You have once again “said it right.” Thank you for confirming that the way we educate our own children at home is the Hebrew way, through God’s Grace.
    He is using you, Robin, to greatly encourage my heart! Thank you so much for sharing what you’ve been learning is true, Robin! You are a gem in The Lord’s crown!
    Kathy A. in northeast TN

  5. I find it hard to break out of the more Greek style of education because it’s so much more like what I grew up with, but I know the Hebrew style is what I really want to be doing with my daughter, and I’m getting there gradually. Thanks for this great post.

    Jamies last blog post..Eighties Flashback

  6. Good stuff. I just wish it were easy. I see God taking me more and more down the path of Hebrew thinking, and yet it is such a long and slow road… Will I ever get it figured out before my kids are grown?!

  7. I have enjoyed this post, Robin, and appreciate the effort that went into presenting it. I am not certain that the Greek Philosophy was lawlessness unless your reference is to God’s law since the “Goal” was to serve the state. I did resonate with the quote from Isaiah 30:9. I am also reminded of Isaiah 3:5 “And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable” also 2Timothy 3; & 2Timothy 4:3.

  8. Lynn Hao

    With an intention to learn how to begin self-studying Greek and Hebrew, I found this site. Thank each one of your for sharing your insights. Do you have any suggestions on how I could start studing Greek or Hebrew on-line? What would you recommend on studying the Bible in Greek and Hebrew? I would appreciate any suggestions.


  9. Great blog post. I look forward to reading more from you :)

  10. Darcy Terry

    Aristotle tried to merge the Bible and Plato = Hellenistic Philosophy).(?) (cut and pasted from your site)

    Is this a typo? Aristotle died 300 years before Jesus was born. There was no “Bible” though certainly many of the OT writings were probably available in the educated Mediterranean World at that time. Augustine, was born only 25 years or so after the canon was adopted by the Council of Nicea. Did he try to merge Greek philosophy with scripture? I’m not following something.

    As far as the self-study of Greek: a dad with a seminary degree in Greek in our homeschool group recommended Elementary Greek-Koine for Beginners by Christine Gatchell. It was written for homeschoolers, has two volumes with both a text and workbook, flash cards for alphabet and words and accompanying CD for each volume. We love it and could do it on our own but the weekly 1 hour tutorial is an added benefit.

  11. Michelle Armbrust

    Hi. The link for Assumptions Affect Our Lives doesn’t work. I am interested in reading it. Please help?
    Thank you.

  12. Michelle Armbrust

    Not sure where to post this comment…but in How to get started…there is a link for the HOW Year One Deluxe that doesn’t work either. Help please? Thanks! :)

  13. I thought this was extremely on point! This is exactly what I have been telling friends of mine. Schools want to prepare you for worldly gain, wordly conflict and wordly success. Even in Christian academys! I had the previledge to have chapel service several times for about 60 students at a chicago area christian academy all the kids we in highschool and the apathy in how they were surprised me an awful lot. Now Sometimes its better or for worse in those schools but I really see the direct influence HAS to be from the parent to the child as you pointed out! I think most people put the education and the training up of a child on the schools and cry foul when their kid has gone awry but in the end its their fault! Thanks for the post!
    .-= David@howtostudythebible´s last blog ..Steps in Bible Study =-.

  14. Very well said, galesk988!

  15. guillermo galindo


  16. JEAS

    No creo que muchos de aqui entiendan lo que escribiste en español =). Incluso alguno pudiera pedir que pongas tu comentario en inglés.

  17. darrell hershberger

    The column on Greek education looks strikingly similiar to today’s mainstream public education. Are you sure we’re not just projecting onto the Greeks what we don’t like about secular education today? Did the Greeks really teach self-esteem and emotional adjustment? I thought that was a modern concept. I also thought that evolution was a modern concept. Enlighten me.

  18. Kelly

    Interesting,I am open to the ideas here, yet currently I feel the case here over shoots a bit. I am a principle at a classical Christian academy. This artical seems to suggest that all things classical are to be discarded. Should we trash the law of non-contradiction simply because it was taught by a Greek philosopher. Do we throw out logic, music, and math developed by Greeks as well? Should we only eat Jewish food too, and not any pagan pizza?

  19. Joanna

    We were just discussing this very issue last night, right down to your statements about down to Wycliffe and Calvin. You said things so much more articulately and succinctly than I so I will be reading this to my family this evening. Thank you for sharing your insight. Peace and grace to you in Yeshua.

  20. I am very interested in this style of home education. One thing that interests me is the emphasis on the roots of the Messianic age. I wanted to mention that the Name of our Messiah is Yahshua; take the J from Joshua off because it was only added to our language recently and reinstate the Y; here you go from Joshua to Yahshua. It means Yah (as in halleluYAH) Saves, Shua. In acts the book of Amos is quoted in that It shall be that everyone who calls on the name of Yahweh shall be saved. Yah is the shortened form of Yahweh and we know that the Lamb is the sacrifice given to us by our loving Abba. His Name forever unto all generations as a memorial is Yahweh and His Son’s Name was given to His mother to be Yahshua not anything else. At the very least we should be calling in Joshua because we can say the Y for Yahshua, I think that we would honour Him to do so. I wrote more in my book The Narrow Path found on my site.

    May peace, healing, and knowledge be blessed to you in Yahshua’s Name!

  21. it’s good to study the hebrew style and the greek style. just like the scriptures say, there’s not jew or greek. only Jesus is what separates us. no matter whether you call it “hebrew” or “greek”, without Jesus being the center it will fail. someone said they see no merit in studying greek literature but i say that studying greek lit has many benefits. taking every thought captive of Christ is the key. the apostle Paul read greek literature (Acts 17:28). we should study the minds of these people not so we can diminish Christ in us, but so we can learn more about Christ and influence others.

  22. Trish

    I love your article. It seems to answer some more questions for me. I have been praying for direction on home education from a Hebrew perspective. Passages from Deut. that Yah has brought to my heart lately combined with this chart of greek/hebrew education has been very eye opening. Our family has studied a fair amount of ancient history through the years and one thing I found about studying Greek myths and philosophy was that we just needed to lightly touch on Greek beliefs enough for the children to know that this kind of thinking didn’t line up with scripture, and then go on, for it bogged the children down. I found that to be true also when studying all areas of other cultures and people groups. Sticking with the Bible as our bases for understanding history and other aspects of education has always proved to be best for it maintains a biblical worldview. Thank yo so much again. Shalom!

  23. This is an article that I knew existed. As a home schooler of eight children sometimes you wonder which direction is the Lord leading. thank you for searching and digging to find more of the truth which the bible has truly given all the benefits of his children. Sometimes we all need a little more help from each other to stay in that narrow path. many blessings.

  24. Lisa

    To the commenter @Kelly ~principal and article are both misspelled~~glad I home educated my son~~at least he can spell

  25. Lisa

    Here is an article that tells about Yahshua. It doesn’t mean what you think it does. This person has everything documented. It is from a Messianic church. It is really blasphemy.Read the article & check it out. I thought it was wrong too at first.http://bethaderech.com/yahshua-yahushua/

  26. Judi

    To Lisa;

    Wow, I am saddened to see your post to Kelly, the principal. You are critical and egotistical. Not only do you point out Lisa’s faults on a public board, but you are not without faults of your own. I cannot help but wonder what you have taught your son about the use of proper English. Your post utilized no proper use of correct grammatical structure whatsoever. There were no periods, and your use of addressing Lisa was completely absent. Instead, you utilized what has become commonplace in today’s society; the use of the “@” symbol to address another user on a social networking site. Not only is this improper, but the “@” symbol does not call to another individual in an appropriate manner, nor does the “~” symbol play any role in appropriate grammatical structure. Further, by your lack of respect to Lisa, I can only assume that your arrogance at pointing out her spelling errors in her post, that you have taught the same lack of respect for adults and other authority figures in your home, and that you have passed on this same arrogance and self-esteemed attitude of superiority to your son. How sad that he will carry this in his demeanor towards others, rather than holding a character that is Christlike, and subservient, one that is filled with humility for others, rather than an
    “I’m better than you” attitude. Good job in pointing out Lisa’s spelling errors. We’re all so very proud of you! You can spell! Good thing you home educated your son! It was probably much better for the kids in the system – that way they weren’t exposed to such an elitist family!

  27. Lisa

    I should not have worded my comment to Kelly, the Principal the way I did. I apologize and tone does not always come out on internet writing the way, I want it to.
    No, we always get comments on our son’s respectfulnes and always have.
    Elitist does not describe me or my family.We are always helping others and do not look down on anyone.
    I was in a lot of physical pain when I wrote that, though that is no excuse.
    That said, educational heads should still know the meaning of words and how to spell also.
    I ask your forgiveness for unintentionally hurting your feelings. God’s blessings to you!

  28. I was wondering, why it is that we use any Greek translations at all. I would like a bible that is like a full Hebrew translation. I feel that we should have nothing to do with anything that is considered Greek, thinking, translate, nothing. How can the two exist in the bible. Maybe that’s why some find contradictions with our bibles. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and I know the word is truth, but those who are without are held back by what it is that I’m sensing. Somethings have been changed in order to get us to accept school and government authority. That is what I believe. I believe that there is some subtle brainwashing going on. There is not other reason to try to merge Hebrew and Greek in Gods word. By the way I know that there will be some excuse that someone can direct me to. But I’m talking about getting down to the truth of why. At any rate I was looking for that kind of bible and came across this post of yours. It is awesome. Thank you for sharing, I’m sharing this with as many as I can. You are blessed. :)

  29. fahmeed

    Good stuff. I just wish it were easy. I see God taking me more and more down the path of Hebrew thinking, and yet it is such a long and slow road… Will I ever get it figured out before my kids are grown?!
    Here is an article that tells about Yahshua. It doesn’t mean what you think it does. This person has everything documented. It is from a Messianic church. It is really blasphemy.if you want to give these (printing,editing,typing,publishing,designing,flyers and many more)services so you see this http://www.hebrewpublishing.com/ i thank full to you .

  30. desi

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus (Yahshua) is lord!
    I know children who were home schooled and go to public school. I see more in public school that are more righteous than some of the home schooled ones.

  31. desi

    They don’t only teach greek in the public schools. They teach about all religions.

  32. desi

    Yahshua, Emanuel, Jesus all these names mean God is with us.

  33. desi

    I learned about God and the bible in sunday school and it stuck more than anything I ever learned is public school. I don’t ever remember learning about aristotle, homer or socrates in school.

  34. desi

    This seems like another website trying to profit off of Gods word.

  35. angela

    Does it really matter what translation you get? Just take God for his word. All translations mean the same thing its just translated differently.

  36. NW Juliana

    Wow, while I haven’t much comment about the education side of your piece, your “church history” information needs some clarification and editing. Please show where you’re getting your ideas about what the early church looked like. I have a feeling it’s far different than you’re imagining.

  37. NW Juliana

    Uh, ChaunWrites? Jesus himself quoted from a Greek translation of the Old Testament. He and the early church used the Septuagint. The Greek language and Christianity were not separate then and cannot be now.

  38. Hi Folks

    I have just come across this site and it seems spot on in so many ways. The Greek/Hebrew education approach article was fascinating. But I see a danger should the article be taken beyond its legitimacy. Reading a number of the posts, this fear is realised. Writing Yahweh and Yeshua and wanting to get a Hebrew Bible etc. and etc. is really quite against God’s will. Yes, English orthography has changed, but although the letter J used to be an I, it was always pronounced J. Please write to goodministers@absamail.co.za and request a free book ‘The Hebrew Roots’ Movement Exposed’ where lots of these apparent anomalies are answered from the Bible and faithful Messianic movement pastors who seek to correct these deviations.

  39. Howard Merken

    I teach math, science, and logic in a classical Christian school. I am also a Jewish convert to Christianity. And there’s the friction. Our school emphasizes mythology and Greco-Roman gods in their curriculum, along with a Reformed approach to the Bible. It gets to be like mixing oil and water–it just doesn’t work. My own kid wanted to know why he had to learn a Greek god. We now homeschool (as does our headmaster!).

    I wrote about this in a book, “Beyond Classical: The Next Step in Christian Education”, available on Amazon. The left column is like our school, but at least in my areas of math and science (with logic as a science), I don’t have to deal with it.

  40. Claire

    We shouldn’t miss the example of Daniel, and Moshe also, in that a child who is raised in a godly, biblical home environment should be equipped, by the time they are teens, to examine the worldview and teachings of the surrounding culture from a critical biblical perspective. Rather than running away in fear and isolating ourselves, our goal should be that our children be able to remain godly in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation. Truth can stand up to scrutiny; our traditions and personal agendas often don’t.

  41. anastasios

    this is a very superficial Analysis…the real difference between the greeks and the hebrews is this; polytheism vs monotheism-
    the different deities represent the archetypic ancient forces of nature. according to the greeks the universe is self made (big bang),according to hebrews and christians and muslims, the world is made by a creator outside of the universe s boundaries who decides about this world s fate (big brother-genesis of guilt)… geometrical beauty (harmony) and freedom were basic elements in the greek cosmotheory..i suggest the author of this book to conduct a better and more profound research on ancient greek litterature in order not to mislead people that try to be as objective as possible..thank you.

  42. anastasios

    plus,you guys..jesus is not a hebrew…to be more precise he was from Galilea, a greek neibourhood of jerusalem…so dont get all religious suddenly and do not adjust things the way they suit your ideas and opinions..EDUCATE YOURSELVES…LEARN HISTORY FROM MANY DIFFERENT SOURCES..THIS IS WHAT FREEDOM IS…not an already made manual such as the bible or the koran or the tora..look for yourselves..i guess that s what your god would like, unless he is not a great fun of freedom,or love;)

  43. anastasios

    that s why in ancient greece they had no holy books and many philosophers…FREEDOM. And concerning the decay of the greek culture…who burnt all the ancient temples and constructed christian churches on top of them?
    the followers of the religion of “love”.


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