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Author: Cathy Geary “Homeschool Grammy” (Amazon review)

No need to reinvent the wheel, Robin Sampson does an excellent job of presenting and authenticating her point of view that a child’s education, to be most pleasing to God, should be biblically based; meaning that is should be based on the type of education that God guided the Hebrew people to give to their children. This education, then and now, should be based on the study of God’s Word and God’s World. Robin points out the fallacies of classical education from it’s inception and also gives us an excellent choice of other books to refer to and read to substantiate her research.

The book is well thought out, well-documented and well-written. Sampson not only makes an excellent case for Bible based unit studies, but gives us concrete plans to help get started, which is what many other method books leave out. I spent nearly 18 months researching classical education in the homeschool before I began to decipher exactly how it might look in practice.

As a former homeschool mom, I wish Robin’s book had been around 10 yrs ago. My goal now, with a Master’s Degree in Christian Education, is to form a type of co-op school using the best methods available. After 2-3 yrs of research, what I was developing was very close to what Robin has. After finding her website and ordering this book I am now devoting my time to her reading list so I can better understand the underlying presumptions of her philosophy instead of reinventing the wheel.


Author: Sharon

Of all the books I have read on homeschooling this book is a 5 star plus!

I used Robin’s new book to introduce my son to the approach and also to help me to use the HOW Approach. I am writing my own lessons using the HOW approach as my son has hearing lost and I am deaf (oral/verbal), I also use hearing aids and have limited hearing.

You will not be disappointed with the book. The book has really help me in improving the way I teach and also what I teach and how not to worry about when my son learns something. Just because He doesn’t learn something in 2nd grade, doesn’t mean he can’t do it in 3rd grade. Most schools here in Indiana teach the state history (required) in the 4th grade. I don’t have to do it in his 4 grade year, but can do it now or when he is in 5 or 6 or 7 th grades. As longs as he does do it.

All I do is help him learn and let him learn at his pace and when he is ready for something, he does it with delight! Our homeschool experience is much better and most of all I am not burned out as I was last year. I am even experience much delight in our lessons and have learned a few things myself.



Free 60 Page Excerpt fro The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach

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Author: Amy Bayliss (Amazon Review)

As a Christian home schooling mom, I always felt that there was something more that I could be doing for my children. I just couldn’t put my finger on what that was. Of course, this was because I was still blinded by the world’s educational system, and by their standards I was doing above and beyond. I taught them reading, math, spelling, history, science, and more but I never felt peace about the whole process. That is until I read The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach by Robin Sampson. It was only then that everything began to make sense. Not only did this book open my eyes but it opened my spirit to receive a wealth of wisdom based on God’s Word.

This book contains over 500 pages of solid biblical principles to apply to your vision for your child’s education. Robin spent more than twenty years researching and seeking God to find our biblical history and she put it into this book. It will teach you so that you can teach them. It will give you revelation and insight to what truly matters and what doesn’t. You will be relieved of all the traditions and learned behaviors you have been accustomed to and you will begin to see just how easy it is to breathe life into your children. You will see them come alive with a desire to learn more. That in itself is priceless.

In the first section, Lessons from Exodus, Robin shares her personal struggles with home schooling. I found it to be very similar to my own battles. She addresses issues like: Why am I so frustrated? Why don’t the kids enjoy learning? Am I doing the right thing? Is this enough? I felt right at home reading about these burdens most of us face on a daily basis. In fact, once I started reading I could hardly put it down. I was learning how to let God lead me on this journey. I was retraining my mind to think His way. It was so freeing.

In section two Robin will take you back to your roots and reveal the inner thoughts of God and the purpose of man. She exposes where the fruit turned sour and weeds began to grow. This history lesson made me wish I had been one of her children seated at the kitchen table and soaking up knowledge from her diligent studies. I now understand my history. I know more about who Jesus is and that is helpful if I am to aspire to be just like him. If you want the truth go to the source. Robin will take you there.

In section three of this book she discusses the Heart of Wisdom methods. They are a collection of time proven techniques that actually work. They embrace and teach to every part of the child’s being. Some of those that are discussed include the Charlotte Mason method, the Delight Directed Approach, Writing to Learn, Critical Thinking and Logic, and Unit Studies. There is also an in depth chapter on learning styles and the Four Step HOW Process: Excite, Examine, Expand, and Excel.

Sections four and five give you instructions and ideas to implement and create a perfect God centered learning process for your children. You will read the detailed HOW plan overview and the meaty guide for bible study. She will teach you to develop your own unit studies, create notebooks, and how to schedule by faith. After all it is all in God’s timing, right? There is also an exhaustive list of resources that will leave you with need for nothing else but the presence of God.

The best part about the whole approach is that I can incorporate the materials I currently have and use, make my own, or purchase Robin’s Unit Studies from the Heart of Wisdom website. In addition to that I need a bible, a pencil, and paper. How awesome is that?

This book is bible based, intelligently written, captivating to read, and abundant in life changing truth. This book is a definite must-have for any home library. I recommend it even if you don’t home school. Every Christian should learn about their heritage. Every Christian should have a Heart of Wisdom.

Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
–Psalm 90:12


Author: Kimberly A. Depaolo” (Amazon review)

In her book, rich with biblical and historical references, Robin Sampson makes a solid case for putting God first in home education curriculum. Quite unlike many other books I’ve read, Mrs. Sampson consistently encourages her readers to have God direct their home education efforts not the state, friends, family, etc. After reading this book, I’ve lost those nasty “first time” home education jitters and feel confirmed in my calling to educate my child with a focus on training her in the way GOD would have her go.

This is the second book I’ve purchased from Heart of Wisdom and I highly recommend this author. The first was the equally excellent “What Your Child Needs to Know WhenWith God as our “principal”, I am confident that we are in good hands!


Author: JJB (Amazon review)

Answer to prayer- I have looked at HOW approach now online for about 2 years – but I was not truly clear on how to implement it. I understood the concept of doing unit studies with a bible base – but exactly how. So I decided to order the book The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach and it clarified every question for me.

I found the book to be clear about what I needed to do from how many notebooks to use right down to specific resources. But the book doesn’t just do that – I have gone back to it when I need spritual encouragement as well – especially, scheduling by faith. If this method appeals to you, I would encourage you to purchase this book and see for yourself. I know our family has been blessed!


Author: JJB (Amazon review)

Best in Bible based homeschooling. After reading many books this summer about teaching approaches, I’ve settled on the Heart of Wisdom.

I was looking for something that had similarities to the Classical approach, but Bible based (not secular/Greek thought based). The foundation of the teaching approach is the Bible. We’ve implemented the “scrapbooking to learn” portion of the book into our homeschool, and it’s been great. We’re on our second week and we’ve already read through and made scrapbooking pages on Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Able, Noah and the Flood, and the Tower of Babel.

It’s a really great way to implement copy work (grammar/spelling), while reinforcing the Bible lesson and making it fun. I’m very happy with our decision to follow the Heart of Wisdom approach this year. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give their children a Bible rich education.


Author: All at Home (Amazon review)

This book was truly a God-send. I used to sit with my kids at a table finishing endless workbook pages. It was as frustrating for me as it was for them. Now we sit in the living room reading, discussing, and truly learning.

Robin Sampson made me really think about education today. The way Robin walked through the history of school from ancient times to present day public schools explained a lot about why they’re failing.

Not only does she explain the problem, she gives a solution. Get back to our roots! As a christian homeschooler I need to begin with God. This book outlines a Bible-based unit study of history in chronological order. Language skills are taught through writing (creative, narrative, copy work, dictation, etc), keeping spelling, vocabulary, and Hebrew/Greek notebooks, and LOTS of reading. Science is taught in creation order.

This curriculum is easy to follow and though each lesson is structured it leaves enough freedom for following my children’s interests. I love the fact that Robin has found a way to tailor each lesson to 4 different learning styles. Not only that, it’s age inclusive. The only subject I’ll need to teach individually is math.

Instead of boring color, cut, and paste projects, my children will be creating a portfolio of work that they will keep forever and show to friends and family. Every time they show it they review that lesson.

Even if you don’t want to use the curriculum, this book lists hundreds of resources. Different books for Bible study, history by time period, science by topic, and wholesome literature by age.


Author: P. Weed (Amazon review)

While reading this book I kept telling myself, “This is what I wanted/hoped for when I started Homeschooling!”. I am so glad I have found it now.

I love the 4 Mat system and Robin’s use of it in her unit studies. She goes into detail of how you can use her unit studies, make your own, or implement another. It fits everyone’s needs who wants a biblical based education for their children.

Even if you don’t want a biblical based education it goes in depth of how to create a unit study of an area where your child shows delight (good example of a horse study). If you are new to homeschooling it helps support your decision and gives resources for you to use that have taken veteran homeschoolers years to discover. It gives you the best of the best!


Author: K Engleson (Amazon review)

I can say that I am very impressed by this book for several reasons.

First it is very detail oriented and goes to great lengths to explain things to you in a way that leaves you knowing that homeschooling is the best possible thing for you and your family.

It also covers so many different subjects, like teaching styles, Jewish roots (the importance of a biblical foundation in the law and the prophets)and endless more. It lists all available resources and just walks you through the different ways to teach and the importance of teaching your child(ren) in the best way, for their personality and learning style.

I could go on and on, but to close, I have recommended this book and curriculum to two other friends who have also decided to use the HOW teaching approach this year. That speaks volumes!


Author: S. Tyler (Amazon review)

I downloaded this ebook over the holidays and am in the process of implementing Robin’s ideas. The review is lengthy, but I feel it is such a foundational and worthwhile book. The book is divided into five sections, so I’ll explain my take on each section.

The first section details their departure from public school and the different roads they traveled in homeschooling. Based on her success and failures she describes what led to the Heart of Wisdom teaching approach. One big issue for moms that she addresses is fear. Many wonder are they doing enough? Teaching the right thing? Are their children where they need to be? She does a wonderful job throughout the book of taking us to Scripture to find the answer. (Like Philippians 4:6-7 here.) “God knows what your children will face in the future, and He will give you what you need to educate them in the way they need to be educated.” These were powerful words that forced me to realize that I need to abide in God’s word so that he can guide me and I can guide my children. In this, you will find peace not fear. My job is to run the race and keep my eyes on Jesus! (Hebrews 12:1-2)

In Section Two she guides you in researching the biblical methods of education. You will also learn about the history of our modern and traditional forms of education. She ends with an appeal to return to a biblical Hebraic model. This section was an eye-opener for me. I learned the Bible’s definition of true education and true wisdom. This section is a must for Christians. I now feel totally comfortable that education in my home doesn’t look like education at the public school down the street.

A description of the different methods used in her approach is outlined in Section Three. First is always the Bible, then you will recognize a little Charlotte Mason, unit study, delight-directed, and classical methods. However, you will always see the Bible first and most importantly interwoven into everything. She also discusses different learning styles and how to teach to them all using four steps. Doing something with what is learned is one of the four steps. This step usually involves some form of writing. A step that I struggle with, a struggle that’s not uncommon for most homeschool moms.

The fourth section gives you the how-to with instructions on just how to work out her plan. She tells you how to go about setting up your unit studies based on a four year study of history. I love how she splits your teaching day into two main areas: God’s Word and God’s World. She spends most of the morning on God’s Word, reading the Bible and using Bible study tools. The afternoon is spent studying God’s World using unit studies and living books. God’s World studies include science, HIStory, and the arts all filtered through God’s Word. She incorporates writing and language skills in everything they do. You will also find more information about making notebooks and timelines in this section. And probably the most important chapter in this section is “Scheduling by Faith.” We are all given 24 hours each day, how does God want you to spend yours? This is another chapter that I will need to reread over and over…any time that I’m feeling defeated in my homeschooling journey.

Section three and four have a lot of information. I have read and reread, just trying to soak it all in. I was a product of the public schools and was never taught like this. It is a big paradigm shift for many of us and it will take time to make a complete change. But I believe she does a great job explaining her research and reasoning and then the methods and the how of fleshing out this approach.

And finally, in Section Five, she lists the resources that you can use to teach your children using the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. Hundreds of books and resources are listed by her four-year plan for ages K to 12. In addition to this chapter she lists resources for deeper study at the end of almost all of her 24 chapters. The resource lists alone make the book worth the cost.

I will recommend this book to every parent that I can…hence the reason I’m posting it here on my blog! I am even considering buying another copy so that I’ll have one to lend out! I do think this book will give you a fresh vision for what God has called us to do.

I have always liked the book “Educating the Wholehearted Child,” by Sally Clarkson. I felt like it gave me a vision but left me hanging in exactly how to do it. Robin has said many of the things Sally Clarkson has said in her book, but she explains better how to implement it in my home. I can’t decide to try her book on Wisdom or her unit study on Adam to the Messiah next, knowing me I’ll get them both!


Author: Marty

It’s here! It’s here! Thank you Homeschool- Books and Robin! I’ve only gotten through the 8th chapter of the Ebook so far, but it’s the best book I’ve read so far, other than the Scriptures, of course.


Author: Caroline J.

I am so very excited to get this book! I’ve had this continual feeling that there just wasn’t enough focus on the word or that it was just tacked on for a few minutes each morning. This book will help me accomplish the goal of Christ being the central focus of all we do in our homeschool and life. This is the first “how-to” that I will be able to pass to skeptical relatives and say, “Here is my philosophy on education”.

Thank you, Robin, for putting into words what I have needed for so long!


Author: Amy Marguardt “Curriculum Junkie” (Amazon Review)

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is like going to a grand buffet. There is a little bit of everything, and it’s all delicious! The book includes, but is not limited to, a synopsis of Robin Sampson’s own personal experience of why she began homeschooling, a history of education including a comparison between Hebraic methods of teaching/learning against the Greek approach, four different methods of learning and teaching approaches, and an extensive collection of resources to check out. The book is very well organized making it easy to use this book as a ready, frequently used resource.


Author: FireWarrior (Amazon Review)

Robin Sampson hits really strong on Bible first-and-all-day-in-every-subject.

Sampson also is a big promoter of the 4mat method which in a nutshell is: get them excited about the subject, study it, and show what you learned. You show what you learned best by lapbooking (scrapfolder) or notebooking or some other project- maybe a diorama or something.

Well, I am a strong believer in lots of Bible, but I did not teach it all school day. So, in that area, I was really challenged. I have committed to do this now.

If you have not read her book… I cannot recommend it highly enough. No other homeschool book has been more valuable. Worth every penny.


Author: Helen J. Marshall (Amazon Review)

Robin Sampson has revolutionized my entire homeschool! This book is a must-read for Christian homeschool teachers. With dedicated prayer and insight, Robin Sampson has created a new approach to teaching that filters every subject through the Bible. The framework she provides at first seems complex, but after immersing yourself in it for a few days it becomes very clear and logical.

I am so excited about this new school year and I am certain I will learn as much as my kids. That’s one of the best things about this approach. It is applicable to you as well as to your students. It allows lots of room for creativity with options for scrapbooking, drawing, writing and anything else that can be documented for a portfolio. Even instituting a portion of the suggestions made in this book will revitalize your Christian homeschool and alleviate burnout for you, the teacher.


Author: Amber A. Gorlock “Blessed Mommy” (Amazon Review)

I read this book a year ago and it was great! But it was a new approach for me and it was very helpful. I’ve been actually using the different approaches she mentions in her book and have adapted them to our family’s needs. I decided to reread the book, and boy am I glad I did! I understood more about where she was coming. If you are new to the Charlot Mason, this is a great beginning! Plus, you will LOVE Robin’s 4Mat System!!!

I have no doubt, this Homeschooling book is a MUST READ! and a MUST READ AGAIN:)


Author: Total Turtle, Maryland (Amazon Review)

I found this book to be refreshing, challenging, and full of insight. It encouraged me to teach our children the way that God intended for them to be taught. Robin kept taking us back to the Bible the only source of TRUTH and WISDOM.

I have told many people about this book. It is one of my three favorite books from the past year (the number 2 book is by Robin also, What Your Child Needs to Know When).


Author: TAMMI F.

I enjoyed reading the sample pages, but I am so looking forward to the book. I cannot wait for some encouragement–which I know I will find in this book. I have recently been thinking that homeschooling is getting too tough. I am reminded by thinking of Moses that God called me to homeschool–not just until it got tough, but until he leads me down another path.


Author:  Susan, Kerugma (Homeschool Reviews)

I have been most influenced by Robin’s book, The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. I have learned that the Bible outlines how we should teach our children…that study is a form of worship. I want to instil this ethic in my children. Over our 8/9 years of learning at home, I have studied and learned about many different approaches and philosophies but I often felt that there was something missing.

Rather than only use a Heart of Wisdom unit study to fill this void, the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach replaces much of what we were doing…and gives us a sense of complete study. For many years, the quote by William Butler Yeats has been a cornerstone of our family, “Education is not the filling of a pail, rather the lighting of a fire.” And yet I felt that much of what I was doing was trying to ‘fill the bucket’ whereas my true desire was to train my children to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and, most importantly, to desire and seek true wisdom.

The other benefit to this approach is that it is multi-level teaching and can be used by a mother with children of all ages. This approach keeps our family together, which is a goal in our family. It is fully adaptable in that the older students are able to be self-directed while I work with the younger children…the Bible First approach keeps us grounded and together. I have learnt how to use a 4-step approach with any lesson and I’ve found that it really works! And it’s quite simple.

I loved “Educating the WholeHearted Child” by Clay and Sally Clarkson and it provided a vision, but, for me, it left out many practical how-to’s. The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach fully provides this yet with the expectation that each parent is to do what is right for their family.

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is divided into sections. Section One tells of the Sampson’s family and their departure from public school and the journey they were on to find a method that was biblical and suited them. During this journey, the author found both good and negative aspects within the various approaches. This journey then led to Robin writing, The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach. However, Robin doesn’t tell the reader how they should approach education based upon her experience, rather she sends the reader to the Scriptures to find the answers.

Section Two is a very important part as we look at the foundation of Christian education…by exploring the roots of educational methods from the past until modern times. The book also looks at the difference between Christian, Hebraic, Greek and secular worldviews and how this impacts the methods used in modern education. This section is very important for all new homeschoolers as well as those who have been homeschooling for some time.

Now knowing about why we need to change our ideas about education, Section Three tells us how we can change in order to be in line with a Biblical education. It is in this section that you will see some of the popular components from other methods. The author talks about learning styles and the Four-Step approach to a lesson plan as well as talking about Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Delight-Directed studies and Critical Thinking and Logic.

Section Four is another large chapter, full of meaty ideas that will challenge to a change in thinking and methodology. It is in this section that the author lays out a 4 year plan that can be rotated to provide a full 12 years worth of study, based upon God’s Word and God’s World. Scrapbooking or Notebooking is encouraged as it assists children in their learning as they plan, develop, classify, categorize, construct, and organize a project for display. A large part of the Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is that history is taught chronologically. Science is taught in the order of Creation and writing and language skills are integrated into all studies. Scheduling, planning and many other helpful tips are addressed in this chapter but also throughout the entire book.

Now that the educational philosophy has been addressed this may lead to a change in resources and Robin doesn’t leave us floundering. In Section Five, she writes about using the Heart of Wisdom unit studies or devising your own and where to get the various resources from for years K-12. Science, History, Literature and Life Skill resources can be purchased from the Heart of Wisdom online Store or from your local Christian bookshop.

Not only was I encouraged by this book but informed and refreshed and motivated to run the race. This book, and indeed the approach, is like a breath of fresh air. The book is available through a variety of means: electronic download, or bound editions.

This is our 9th year of learning at home, with our four children aged between 8 and 15.


Author: Michelle R.

Thank you for your encouraging sample pages. It’s been really hard homeschooling my 5 children and I know the Lord has put it on my heart two years ago to do this and I haven’t been doing well with this.

I have been using textbooks and the kids think its too hard and boring and dont want to do it. My dad gave me this book called”Things we wish we’d known” and I had it since Dec. but just read it a month ago.

I read your article in it and I loved it! I looked up your website on heart of wisdom and teared up because this is what I have been looking for.Praise the Lord! Now this is my answered prayer. This is perfect for all my children to enjoy and have fun.


Author: Nancy G.

EVERY homeschool parent should read this book. I have been reading this very slowly. There is so much information my Bible is right next to me when I read this book. I was even reading some of it to my children. I know I will be reading this a second time. I would love for my children to read parts of it.

This book will encourage anyone looking into homeschooling or people who have been homeschooling and need some encouragement. Don’t miss this book. It was well worth the wait. I have been reading this after my morning Bible reading before the children wake up. By doing this it is allowing me to stay focused on the Lord and giving me the motivation I need to teach and serve the Lord.

This is the BEST book I have read in my 15 years of homeschooling. This book takes a hard (but is a good way) look at the way we need to teach our children. That we need to train them for the LORD not train them for the WORLD.

Thank you, this book came at just the right time in my homeschooling jouney. May God richly bless you and your family.


Author: Tonya Smith

Love the sample pages! Thank you, thank you for the much needed inspiration. I am in tears of relief that someone out there understands and supports God’s word in teaching. I have renewed hope for the coming years. My little girl is four, so will begin ‘education’ soon. I know now that God is answering my prayers for direction in our education efforts. In Christ. T. Smith


Author: Rebecca Innocenti (innocentifamily@juno.com)

I just purchased this book at a homeschool convention at the beginning of June. It is exactly the tool we need for our family right now!

We’ve considered using HOW unit studies after falling in love with the biblical holidays guide. This book is encouraging me to design our units based on where we are right now and we look forward to using some of the HOW units along the way, too.

Thanks so much for all you do to help each family find peace while learning together.

Blessings on your ministry!


Author: Helen J. Marshall

This book is a must-read for Christian homeschool teachers. With dedicated prayer and insight, Robin Sampson has created a new approach to teaching that filters every subject through the Bible.

The framework she provides at first seems complex, but after immersing yourself in it for a few days it becomes very clear and logical. I am so excited about this new school year and I am certain I will learn as much as my kids. That’s one of the best things about this approach. It is applicable to you as well as to your students. It allows lots of room for creativity with options for scrapbooking, drawing, writing and anything else that can be documented for a portfolio. Even instituting a portion of the suggestions made in this book will revitalize your Christian homeschool and alleviate burnout for you, the teacher.


Author: Amy R. Mucklestone

If I had to choose only one homeschooling book, HOWTA would be the one! Amazing, stupendous work by Robin Sampson! I can’t believe I’m so blessed to have found what I will use for the rest of my homeschool years this early on!

I was homeschooled growing up, and worked in a homeschool bookstore. I’ve seen it all, and THIS is what it’s all about. The resource section alone is worth its weight in gold. I can’t possibly recommend it highly enough!!!


Author: Francine

I say WOW after reading HOW. I feel blessed to have stumbled across this book because for me it has been a prayer answered. I found it while looking for information on how to apply the Charlotte Mason teaching method.

I withdrew my son from school and started home-schooling him with little warning and no planning. Although I knew this was the right decision it left me in a difficult possition. I either had time to reaserch how and what to teach him or to teach him but not both at the same time.

The HOWTA has given me a frame on which to mount the canvas of our home-schooling. There are many great points about this method but there are two in particular which I love. The first is that is has such a sound biblical base – which is something which is so important to both myself and my son. This really shows through in all subjects. The other really wonderful thing is that I am inclined to go for a delight driven approach but sometimes lack confidence in this as it has no structure and is very difficult to plan round or collect resources for in advance.

HOWTA has given me the confidence that I lacked because it shows how to follow the delight driven path while being within a structure. And because it is a biblical structure I feel comfortable and secure using it. I have since purchased other items by Robin Sampson and was not disappointed and I plan to buy more as our home-school journey progresses.


Author: Randy Vandyke

WOW! what a relief… THE SOLUTION is here.

I am so relieved to have found this book. The most important key to a child’s growth and success in this world is how to obtain and walk in wisdom. This book clearly defines what true wisdom is and where to find it as well as how to teach it. Robin Sampson has done and incredible job in answering all of a mom’s concerns about education today. I am overjoyed to have this book as a tool to guide me as I help my children discover their hearts of wisdom. Every parent should read this book.


Author: Stephanie F.

This book is a gem! After homeschooling for six years I was needing a new focus. HOW is it! Unlike many books on the subject this is invaluable to both the new and the seasoned homeschool family. It energized us and gave the Biblical focus that we were searching for all along. Robin’s writing style helps explain her approach to unit studies as well as the Hebraic method in a conversational way. It makes you feel like your having tea with a friend! Her reasoning is solid and her explanations clear. This is a must read for those looking at unit studies for the first time, those needing a jolt of the Spirit in their lessons, or those just wanting a change. It’s definitely at DELIGHT!


unit study Excerpt (60+ pages)

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach: Bible-Based Homeschooling


The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is for all homeschoolers who want to make the Bible the center of their school day. This giant 500+ page book provides you with the methods, program, and resources for a course of study where students spend half the school day studying God’s Word and the other half studying God’s world (academics). Students study history chronologically and science in the order of the days of Creation. This book will encourage, motivate you and instruct you, step by step, how to give your child a Bible-focused, comprehensive education from preschool through high school; one that will train him or her to read, to study, to understand, to love to learn and, most importantly, to desire and seek true wisdom. This approach can be used for all grade levels.

When homeschoolers are asked about this book, one word continues to come up over and over–Wow! Read the excerpt today to see what all the wow is about.

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