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How Do You Teach Grades K-3?

The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach can be used for all ages. The HOWTA book includes recommendations for all grade levels.

The Heart of Wisdom unit studies were designed for grades 4-12. The first unit in our history series, Adam to Abraham, was revised to include resources for all ages. Many families are adapting the unit studies successfully for their entire family.

If you would like to use Ancient History: Adam to Messiah with younger children, you can easily stretch the one-year book into a two-year program. We are currently revising each unit to include activities and resources for grades K-3. If you purchase any ebook now you will get the revised versions free when they become available.  Click here to see the Resource List for Younger Children.

One of the activities we encourage is Scrapbooking to Learn. The two images below are good examples of children learning on different levels.

Jonah 1 was done by a four-year-old with his mom’s help using scrapbook paper and stickers. Children work on projects as the mother reads the lessons. Jonah 2 was done by a teen working on the computer. Older students are involved in more independent studies. Click here to see more scrapbook samples

Teaching Tips

Below are some ideas that will help you adapt this program for younger elementary students. If you have one older child in Heart of Wisdom and you adapt this program for your younger students, you will save time and money: you won’t have to buy, assign, teach, and check separate workbooks and text materials for each child.

Many parents are interested in HOW because it teaches things they were never taught, such as history from a biblical viewpoint. Parents, even with very young children, can learn through HOW lessons and share what they have learned with their children.

Watering down the activities is fairly simple. Pray for wisdom and insight (remember, God has promised wisdom to those who ask). Read over the four-step lesson yourself the night before or that morning. Your major change will be in step 2.


Watering Down the Lessons

Step 1 Excite: Use this step to discuss what God shows you about the lesson–enthusiasm is contagious! Step 1 usually can be done for all ages so you won’t have to alter it.

Step 2 Examine: depends on the age–and there are three options:

1. Read the text (from an Internet site or book) and summarize it for the student. (This is Charlotte Mason’s narration method in reverse).

2. Help the student read a book written at his level about the topic (elementary-age books are being added to each unit in the Resource Section). Usually you can just read aloud the book recommended in the lesson.

3. Read aloud to the child for no more than 10-15 minutes, and then stop for a narration (retelling) by the child. Make sure he or she is grasping the concepts.

Step 3 Expand: instead of the writing assignment, have the child narrate (tell back) what he has learned. Or have them illustrate or dictate a few sentences to you as you write them. Many activities in HOW unit studies can be done with all ages.

Step 4 Excel: Students put work (on their level) in a portfolio and share with others. You will still work on the portfolio but on their level.

Sample Days




Build Your Own Package with New or USED books based on HOW Four-Year Plan You can now build your curriculum browsing our recommendations and choose only books you need.

History is taught Chronologically. Science is taught in the Days of Creation Order. Choose the Year and Subject:

  • Year 1 History: Adam to Abraham, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Messiah
  • Year 1 Science: Creation, Light, Energy, Matter, Motion, Electricity
  • Year 2 History: Early Church, Vikings, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation
  • Year 2 Science: Weather, Oceans, Plants, Geology, Astronomy
  • Year 3 History Exploration, Colonies, New Nation, Civil War, American West
  • Year 3 Science Ocean Animals, Birds, Insects, Land Animals
  • Year 4 History: Industrial Era, WWI, Depression, WWII, Holocaust, 1960 to Present
  • Year 4 Science: Anatomy human body

Not sure where to start? Read The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach Overview


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  1. Rochelle says:

    This is perfect timing! School begins Mon and I purchased A to M at the beginning of Summer and now I’m getting the day set up … Praise God for ordering my steps and checking back here before I ordered the week!
    Thank you and I look forward to the younger child suggests!

  2. Andrew says:

    This is perfect timing! Thank you for sharing this tips on how to teach free school.I would to try to adapt this program for my younger students, I’m sure I will save time and money: i won’t have to buy, workbooks and text materials for my child. It is very useful for him.

  3. Kristina says:

    WHAT in the world are you DOING offering lessons based on a MAGIC school bus and a theme of worrying about ghosts?!

    The Word of God is very clear on rejecting this type of thing.

    I was interested in your program for my two children’s homeschooling until I downloaded this PDF and read these themes. Unreal!

    Shame on you!

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