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Lapbooks & Scrapbooks Make Learning Fun!

Lapbooking and Scrapbooking are the rage in the homeschooling community. Both are creative and fun ways to learn and retain information.

A Lapbook is a collection of small booklets organized in a shutter-folded file folder . Scrapbooking can be down with paper or digitally on the computer. So much is available to print from the Internet lapbook and scrapbook possibilities are endless. If you can study a topic you can lapbook or scrapbook  it.

Ancient Egypt Lapbook

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Ancient Egypt Digital Scrapbook

Lapbook & Scrapbook Benefits

  • Great for all ages and learning styles
  • Student retain information longer because they did something with it
  • Encourages reluctant writers (short sentences and paragraphs)
  • Review is a snap
  • Teaches organization
  • Immediate portfolio record of information learned
  • Can be used with any curricula
  • Encourages creativity
  • Student learn when they share the work with others
  • Encourages a love of learning

Digital Scrapbooking Overview

Digital scrapbooking is as much fun as lapbooking without the mess. When I’m not up to pulling out all the scissors, glue, papers, and folders we do digital scrapbooking on the computer instead (no mess).

Digital Scrapbooking is the process of creating scrapbook pages with image-editing software. Computer scrapbookers upload digital photos and scrapbooking papers into the software program then arrange them to a layout to create a scrapbook page.

You can actually combine both methods easily. See more about digital scrapbooking below with a free book and kit to help you get started! Also see Digital Scrapbooking 101.

Digital Scrapbooking Benefits (things they don’t tell you at the scrapbook store)

  • Digital scrapbooking is cheaper because the supplies can be used over and over.
  • Digital scrapbooking is faster than traditional scrapbooking. Instead of cutting and pasting you drag and drop. You can place images into a template and use it over and over.
  • Digital scrapbooking is less messy compared to traditional scrapbooking. No glue or scissors required. No looking though boxes to find embellishments.
  • Computer created pages saved in digital format are safe from the effects of heat, oxidation, and other external potential problems.
  • Computer created pages are easily shared through e-mail, galleries or by CD. You can print the pages but you don’t have to.

Lapbooking Overview

Using this system students decorate and fill the file folders with booklets for each lesson in a unit. At the end of each unit, the booklets are glued to the inside of a decorated folder. Children love to cut,  glue and arrange!

The direction for the booklets can be found on YouTube, just search Lapbook Lessons to find dozens of helpful instructions.

There are hundreds of lapbook kits for sale to make lapbooking easy. You can download the kits from the Internet. Just Google Lapbook Kits.

You may have heard these called scrapbooking folders, shutter books, pocket books, scrap folders, graphic organizers, desktop projects, and other various names.

Sample Lapbooks

You can print everything you need to make this lapbook from www.LittleBlots.com

Creation Lapbook

Character Lapbook

Space Shuttle Lapbook

Want to see More Lapbook Samples?


  1. Melanie

    I LOVE lapbooks, notebooking and digital scrapbooking! The little ones think their lapbooks are so much fun and they can easily put them in their busy bags to look at while we are out. My older elementary kiddos love keeping everything together in their notebooks and my teenager always looks for an excuse to use Scrapbook Max. I will send this post along to everyone I can think of!

  2. Great post..I need to check out digital scrapbooking. Thanks for all the info and links and vids!!
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..New Youtube Quilling Video: Paper Quilling Pattern Design Ideas – Beautiful Paper Craft =-.

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