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Here you can find educational links to content and videos based on the Bible, history, or science theme you are currently studying from any curricula. The history lessons are chronological. The science lessons are listed in the order of Creation. The lessons are listed based on Heart of Wisdom’s Four Year Plan however you don’t need to use Heart of Wisdom Unit Studies to use this library.


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Important Notes:

  1. Science links and videos may refer to evolution- use this opportunity to explain to your children such theories are taught in public school. See Creation Science Links for more information.
  2. You will run into broken links. Links change daily and we can’t keep up. We give you plenty of links to make up for it.

If Charlotte Mason were alive today she would use this site. Not only do we provide you with links, videos, and resource but also community and encouragement.

Click on the image below to view the Four Year Plan (designed to be completed 3 x in twelve years).

4 year plan

Using the Link Library

Here is a quick example; Say you are studying Ancient Egypt and you are on the Mummies lesson. Begin at HeartofWisdom.com:


  1. Looks like a great concept. Good job!

  2. Looking forward to utilizing this site! It looks great!

  3. This is fabulous! Thanks so much for this resource. When I re-tweeted your request for help to test/check out this section of your blog, I had someone reply directly back to me with this feedback:

    [quote]the “Find the Subject” “Find the theme” part w/arrows. Should be different font or sized text for , something to separate diff[/quote]

    I will definitely be using this in our homeschool; and some of the resources you have listed I may use for my Children’s Church class!

  4. The link library has great POTENTIAL for accomodating Adam to Abraham, though, it would be better if I could actually “buy” and not just “window shop” for the links I am interested in. I feel like I am looking through glass and cannot actually touch most of the items I desperately want….it is most frustrating. ~Bea

  5. Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Link Library???? Some sites were unavailable…and today, I can’t even ‘open’ the library. Any adivce would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Elizabeth


    Not sure which links that you are needing, but have you tried this area. http://heartofwisdom.com/homeschool/?category_name=lesson-links
    You can try to copy the link above and put it into your address bar. It should take you to an area that has three sub-titles, choose the one you need and I found those links to be working.Hope that helps.-Ellie

  7. Here are two more links that apply specifically to Roman History. They both have a lot of great info!



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