Heart of Wisdom Publications:


  1. Magnetic Forces – Watch an animated lesson about Earth’s magnetic field.
  2. Create a Compass – Find out how to make a compass.
  3. Magnet Movie -Watch a movie of a magnet pushing (repelling) another magnet.
  4. Pushing and Pulling -An online guide to magnetic forces, with test-yourself activities.
  5. Magnetic Fields – Click on “Magnetic Poles” and wait for the movie to download.
  6. Magnetism and Electricity – Experiment with magnets online and find out about the properties of magnets.
  7. Magnetism and Electricity – Investigate the use of magnets in an everyday kitchen.
  8. Electricity and Magnetism– Interactive activities about electricity and magnetism.
  9. Physics – Animated lessons on magnets and magnetic fields. (Scroll down to “9. Magnetic Fields”, “10. Understanding Magnets” and “11. Magnetism and Electric Current”.)
  10. Science Snacks- Magnetism experiments.
  11. Simple magnet experiments in an online lab
  12. Magnets Click on “Kitchen”.
  13. Magnet Movie -Watch a movie about a popular drawing toy that uses a magnet pen to pull metal filings through a layer of plastic.
  14. Compass Game

More Electricity Links

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