Throughout the lessons in Heart of Wisdom’s curriculum, you’ll see the word mindmapping. Mindmaps (or concept maps) are a convenient way of organizing notes and thoughts about a topic. Your student can use maps in brainstorming and planning – to help them grasp and expand learned concepts.

Mindmapping is a nonlinear activity that generates ideas, images and feelings around a stimulus word. As students cluster, their thoughts tumble out, enlarging their word bank for writing and often enabling them to see patterns in their ideas.

Mind Map Samples


By my oldest daughter



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Graphic Organizers

Mindmapping: Resources

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  1. I love your website. I met you on Twitter about a year ago. I am working on my Masters in Education project, which is all about using graphic organizers with homeschoolers. Can I print out your ten page mapping information, leaving your name and website information on it, and use it for my proposal and for future inservices for homeschooling parents? Let me know.
    Marcie (spectrummother)

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