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Studying Energy from a Christian Worldview

Creation reveals God! Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them (Genesis 2:1). At the end of six days of creation, the world was finished.

To this day, the amount of energy expended to keep the planets rotating properly has been the same. What God set in motion, He did not leave to spin itself out.

God still watches carefully over our universe, and continues to provide the correct amount of energy—not more, not less—each second. If God did not do this for our good, the sun would burn itself up, the earth would spin out of its gravitational force, and we would die.

The study of various forces which God has created in nature helps us to realize just how incredible the creation of our universe is. It is quite an accomplishment.  If we could sit in the farthest corner of it, and watch all that God does each minute to ensure our good, we would no longer be caught up in the trivial worries of each day, nor would we ind a reason to listen to the advice of the world concerning evolution.

At the heart of the enormous variation in creation that we see around us is aset of physical laws set in place by God. Having realized such common law, secular science makes an erroneous attempt to explain these variations by evolution.

On the contrary, these variations around a similar blueprint which gives abundant life on Earth and sets the heavens in motion simply reflect the limitless genius of our Creator. Any student trained in the physics and chemistry can easily point out the obvious flaws in evolutionary science, flaws which are clearly known and clearly hidden in the typical class-room education. (Bryan J. Ennis, Ph.D.)


Discover how central God’s creation of energy is to how we live today. Energy is all around us. We derive energy from food, we use energy to heat our homes, and we find energy in the power of moving water. Energy provides the opportunity to accomplish something, such as driving a car, moving a box, or running hot water from a showerhead.

In most energy-related resources, the important aspect of God’s creation of energy is left out. Not only did God create living beings, He also created for us the ability to further our civilization industry, travel, food production, and livingstandards.

In this unit, we will discover how central God’s creation of energy is to how we live today. Energy is one of the most basic ideas of science. All the observed occurrences in the universe can be explained in terms of energy and matter. Energy occurs in many different forms, and it is not always easy to tell how these forms are related to one another and what they have in common. One of the best-known definitions of energy is the classical definition used in physics: Energy is the ability to do work. Physicists define work in a way that does not always agree with the average person’s idea of work.

This physical science unit is a thematic and inquiry based study, certain process skills are woven throughout. These include making hypothesis, observing, drawing, creating and testing models, experimenting, recording and graphing data, making inferences, and forming conclusions. Bible, social studies, language arts, and fine arts are integrated they apply.

What You Get!

This organized yet flexible Bible focused unit study includes:

  • Overview
  • Objectives
  • Timeline
  • Vocabulary
  • Annotated Resource Lists (books, Internet sites, videos, software, etc)
  • 14 Four-Step Lessons

Fourteen Lessons

  1. Above All Power
  2. Types of Energy
  3. Energy Sources
  4. Potential Energy
  5. Kinetic Energy
  6. Heat Energy (Thermal)
  7. Heat Transfer (Thermodynamics)
  8. Energy Conservation
  9. Steam and Geothermal Energy
  10. Energy for Transportation
  11. Nuclear Energy
  12. Solar Energy
  13. Energy from Wind and Water
  14. Energy from Food
  15. Energy from Fossil Fuels




Four Step Lessons

There are four basic steps in each Heart of Wisdom Unit Study lesson based on the four major learning styles. Studies show this four-step method motivates students to comprehend the material better and retain the information longer.

  • Step 1 Excite: Create an interest
  • Step 2 Examine: Find out the Facts
  • Step 3 Expand: Do something with what was learned
  • Step 4 Excel: Pull everything together and share with someone.

Internet-Linked Lessons!

Each Heart of Wisdom Ebook contains active links which will take you:

  • Bible Study Tools
  • Video Clips
  • Free Online Books
  • Craft Instructions
  • Biographies
  • Worksheets
  • Experiments
  • Relevant Articles
  • Writing Instruction
  • Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Quizzes
  • and more!

Ebook Benefits!

  • You can access your EBook immediately. Once you buy an eBook, you can read it instantly; you don’t have to wait for delivery.
  • You can find what you need fast. You can use “search” and “find” functions to pinpoint the material you need more easily than in a print book.
  • You can find what you need fast. You can use “search” and “find” functions to pinpoint the material you need more easily than in a print book.
  • HOW Ebooks are extensively hyperlinked. You open the EBook in your browser and click your way to the section or chapter you need.
  • HOW Ebooks are hyperlinked to the Internet. You open the EBook in your browser and click the underlined text for instant additional information: worksheets, free online books, audio, video, articles, illustrations, experiments, and more!

You can print out Ebooks! Print only the pages that you need for the lessons that day or print the whole book and place in a note book.


Download the Energy Ebook to your computer today!

Customer Reviews


I purchased the “Energy” unit study. My husband was very impressed with it and my 10yos cannot wait to get started!I have purchased several of the recommended books I can say without reservation that they are worth every cent.

Tammy in TX

We had “Eyewitness Energy” but I didn’t know how to teach with it except to read aloud. Once we got the Energy Unit Study and followed the suggested reading and activities the kids and I were so excited. Energy came alive! The Bible passages are awesome! Thank you so much for these unit studies.


Wonderful! Praise Yahweh! I have enjoyed this book very much, not to mention all the others and the website. I have been searching for this type of curriculum for a while. I was really thinking about sending my kids to private school this year then I came upon your site, I know Yahweh directed my path. Thank you so much for reviving our homeschool experience. I have recommended your site to others.

Shirley Larwson

We had been using Abeka before. As soon as we found HOW we scrapped Abeka and started HOW immediately.it is truly a Christ centered education. What I thought was Christ centered before doesn’t even compare.

Purchase Here

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