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Teaching with Movies: Free Lesson Plans



  • The historical and artistic merit of each recommended film has been carefully assessed.
  • The TeachWithMovies.com Subject Matter Index lists films by area of the curriculum. We also index films by appropriate age, title, social-emotional learning topic, etc. The best way to navigate the site is through our list of indexes.
  • Learning Guides for each film describe its benefits and possible problems. Helpful background, discussion questions, projects, and links to the internet are also provided.
  • Lesson plans can easily be adapted from the Learning Guides. For example:
  • Discussion questions, class projects (or other portions of the Learning Guide) can be copied from the Internet and pasted onto word processing files, edited to suit the needs of the class, and then reproduced as an assignment sheet or classroom handout;
  • Information from the Helpful Background section can be used to stimulate class discussions or as the basis for lectures;
  • Vocabulary and spelling lists can be developed from the “Building Vocabulary” section.Films can be used to effectively extend the class period.   All of the films on TeachWithMovies.com were designed to entertain a mass audience by some of the best minds in the movie industry. Most students will enjoy watching them.

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