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At the time of this writing the following prepared, 4-Step lesson unit studies are available from Heart of Wisdom:

Which HOW Unit Studies are Available?


The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach is a Bible based eclectic approach (combination of several methods) with a 12 year organized plan (4 years repeated 3 times) using living books.

The book explaining  The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach includes lists resources that can be used for the entire four-year plan, as well as detailed instructions on creating your own unit studies for all 12 years, teaching methods and tips.

At the time of this writing the following prepared, 4-Step lesson unit studies are available from Heart of Wisdom:

  1. Wisdom

HOW History Unit Studies

  1. Adam to Abraham
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Ancient Egypt
  4. Ancient Israel
  5. Ancient Greece
  6. Ancient Rome
  7. The Messiah

HOW Science Unit Studies

  1. Creation
  2. Light
  3. Energy

Do You really Need Preplanned Unit Studies?

No, you don’t really need a preplanned unit study.  We help you get comfortable with this approach providing the preplanned studies for the first year but many have gone on to Years 2, 3 and 4 with the confidence to use real living books to teach their children.

You can actually teach Year One without the preplanned unit studies. To help you we offer links to all the lessons by theme. See the Heart of Wisdom Link Library.

To study the themes each year, use the book lists we provide to read aloud to your child on the theme you are studying. Look over our Four-Step methods to get ideas.  As you read to your children ask questions, observe delight, chase a few rabbit trails on the computer or in other books, and learn to love learning!


What About Years 2, 3 and 4?

There are many, many fine preplanned  studies that are appropriate for years 2, 3, and 4 from other publishers. Examples:

Google any topic on the Four-Year Plan and you will find a unit study

Be Confident

You can schedule by faith with confidence because God is reliable. If you ask Him he will show you–His grace, His mercy, His dependability. God promised to strengthen and equip you; to guide you in every situation; to meet all your needs; and never to leave you. He will  consistently kept these promises.  Have you asked Him to lead you in your homeschool? He will.

Year One: Ancient History

I wrote the unit studies for Year One because most ancient-history studies (even many Christian-based texts) concentrate on the pagans in ancient times, ignoring God’s people. Most homeschool parents do not have this Israel focused education background.

For example, Heart of Wisdom’s Ancient Egypt unit the focus is on Joseph, Moses, the Exodus, and God’s people (rather than on the pyramids and gods of Egypt). HOW’s Ancient Greece and Rome units focus on the Israelites fighting against idolatry under Greek and Roman rule (rather than on Greek mythology and Roman gods).

Ancient History: Adam to Messiah includes all 7 history studies listed above chronologically.  It  includes Bible, history, geography, literature, government, composition, agriculture, religion, science, economics, and more. The lessons are full and require minimum preparation.

Free Sample Lessons

4 year plan

Four-Year Plan: Click for larger view

When Will More HOW Unit Studies Be Available?

There was a time I hoped to write more units but open heart surgery and other prompts from the Lord made me reevaluate my time. I am learning to wait on God and to encourage others to wait on Him also.

My primary goal is to encourage homeschooler’s to put Bible first. My secondary goal is to teach Christians the importance and significance of understanding the Bible in the proper Hebraic context. I focus on the goals through this site, my Homeschool Blog and homemaking blog.

If the Lord leads I or someone else will write more HOW units.  Meanwhile, I use the 4 Year plan, go to the library and teach my children using the HOW methods.

The 4 Year Plan (repeated 3 times)

History is taught Chronologically. Science is taught in the Days of Creation Order.

  • Year 1 History: Adam to Abraham, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Israel, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Messiah
  • Year 1 Science: Creation, Light, Energy, Matter, Motion, Electricity
  • Year 2 History: Early Church, Vikings, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation
  • Year 2 Science: Weather, Oceans, Plants, Geology, Astronomy
  • Year 3 History Exploration, Colonies, New Nation, Civil War, American West
  • Year 3 Science Ocean Animals, Birds, Insects, Land Animals
  • Year 4 History: Industrial Era, WWI, Depression, WWII, Holocaust, 1960 to Present
  • Year 4 Science: Anatomy human body

Not sure where to start? Read The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach Overview

Remember, You Have the Greatest Curriculum Available!

You have the best manuscript existing for teaching and instruction! All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

Is the Bible enough if you are teaching a doctor, attorney, accountant, architect, etc.? Do you want them to be a wise, righteous doctor, attorney, accountant, architect, etc.? The Bible is the only place you can find true wisdom and righteousness.

  1. Begin with God’s Word—build your foundation like the wise man who built his house upon a rock (Matthew 7:24).
  2. Pray for direction for next year.
  3. Have faith God that will provide what you need for next year.
  4. Wait on God—enjoy the journey!—be excited about what He has in store.

God’s will is to lead us to the Promised Land of our homeschool journey, but we’ll only relax and enjoy the journey if we understand His plan for getting us there. A lack of understanding will result in confusion and bewilderment. The key to understanding God’s plan for the journey is in knowing how He thinks. God doesn’t think the way we do, but we always try to relate to Him according to our way of thinking. He’d rather we understood the way He thinks so that we can enjoy fellowship with Him.

Using Heart of Wisdom unit studies is just one option for following the four-year suggested course.

God has a plan for each of us, and He will lead you to the resources you need. We have listed hundreds of books on the topics contained in the four-year plan, divided by categories and years.

Don’t worry: curl up with a living book and your children and enjoy learning.

4 year plan

Year One Packages

homeschool christian curriculum lapbook classical education

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