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I'm using the Charlotte Mason approach and want to follow Heart of Wisdom's 4-Year Plan. What books do you recommend? Do you have a list? Yes, ...

Charlotte Mason & HOW 4-Year Plan

The Heart of Wisdom teaching approach creates lesson plans using Charlotte Mason’s methods, and teaching to the four learning styles (the Four-Step Lessons). Its Charlotte Mason organized!


It’s a new, creative way to organize and utilize Charlotte Mason’s unique methods. Charlotte Mason was an educator in England during the nineteenth century, and her methods are currently experiencing a rebirth among American home schools. “Twaddle” and “living books” are terms coined by Mason.

The books we recommend for each year (Bible, history, science, classics, biographies, etc by grade level) are listed in The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach (over 100 pages you can print out 31 page list of classics we recommend at the bottom of this page).

This four-year rotation course gives each child three distinct exposures to each topic on their own level over a 12 year period. Each unit study includes Bible, history, science, research, writing, and literature.

  • History is studied chronologically.
  • Science is studied in the order of Creation.
  • Life-skills studies are added in middle and high school years.



God’s Plan

God’s World

Ancient History Physical Science
World History
Earth Science and Botany
Exploration to American West
The Animal World
Industrial Era to Today

We also list books by History and Science by year at the Amazon Homeschool Store (purchase new, used, or use for library list).

Books Recommended by Heart of Wisdom’s 4-Year Plan

Free: Choosing and Using Resources

Free Choosing and Using Resources Booklet(31 pages PDF)
Includes Classics by Grade Level

4 year plan

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  1. Robin, I’ve been reading your HOWTA for over a year now. I definitely know that the Lord would have me teach my children this way. What I don’t understand is how to start. Is there a unit study that I should work with that spells it out for me, like get these books, do this first… If I get the Adam to Abraham unit study, will it tell me what Bible stuff to read, what science to do a the same time and so forth? What is the best way to tackle this transition?


  2. Veronica Hernandez

    Hello, I just have a quick question. I can’t seem to find the lesson plans/unit studies for HOW History years 2,3 and 4.

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