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What the Bible Says…Cookbook

What the Bible Says…Cookbook

Inspired by international best-selling author Rex Russell, M.D. and his landmark book What the Bible Says about Healthy Living

unit study Free Excerpt (28 pages)

Join biblical health author Hope Egan and lifelong healthy eater Amy Cataldo as they unveil the long-awaited follow-up to What the Bible Says about Healthy Living.

Helping you incor­porate God’s ingredients into your life—simply and without sacrificing taste—this companion cookbook shows you how to prepare meals, snacks and desserts based on the principles outlined in What the Bible Says about Healthy Living. For years biblical health experts have been telling you how to think about biblical eating. Now there is a complete cookbook that helps you take action:


HOPE EGAN has written several books, including Holy Cow! Does God Care about What We Eat? She is an editor for First Fruits of Zion, an educational ministry that teaches about the Hebraic roots of Christianity.

AMY CATALDO, a lifelong healthy eater and homemaker, is passionate about cooking with God’s ingredients—and sharing her experience and knowledge with others.


“I am enthusiastic in my recommendation of the What the Bible Says about Healthy Living Cookbook. It is, in many ways, the long-awaited companion to my book, What the Bible Says about Healthy Living.”–Rex Russell, M.D.

“These simple to prepare recipes should inspire anyone who wants to honor their body—God’s Temple—and feed their family from a biblical perspective.”–Jordan Rubin–New York Times best-selling author of The Maker’s Diet.



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