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What is Science in Creation Order?

Science units are presented in the order of the days of Creation:

  • Day 1: Light and Energy (Physics)
  • Day 2: Air, Water, Weather (Chemistry/Meteorology)
  • Day 3: Rocks, Minerals and Plants (Chemistry/Botany)
  • Day 4: Sun, Moon and Stars (Astronomy)
  • Day 5: Birds and Sea Life (Ornithology/Marine Biology)
  • Day 6: Land Animals and Human Body (Zoology/ Anatomy)

Most evolutionists believe and teach that there is one common ancestor for all life forms. A biblical Creation perspective on these questions provides an exacting, liberating framework for biology, and a deeper appreciation for living organisms. For more on this topic see these Acrobat files* by the author of the Biblical Classification of Life:

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  1. Heather Jones

    I tried to get into the links on the “/why-do-you-study-science-in-creation-order/” page and none of them seem to be working. Please let me know when they might be available for viewing. Thanks for all your hard work.

    In Him,
    Heather Jones

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